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Tattletale – Humiliating Spankings

October 17, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking

Sorry that I haven’t been here in a while, I really must rectify this… to make up for it, here is a fantastic preview of a film from the past remastered and currently out for download at Shadowlane.com – it’s called “Tattletale” and involves the use of butt plugs as well as more traditional methods of corporal punishment in this double girl spanking special! careful… it’s an old classic that is very naughty and HAWT!

01 02

03 04


Below is the description of the film “Tattletale” – as told by Eve Howard:

All the trouble started when Petra’s submissive Candice insulted Valerie’s submissive Nicolette in a Hollywood fetish shoe shop. Nicolette promptly told her mistress that Candice had accused her of being a B&D poser! (As opposed to the sincere player that she was.) Valerie was stunned and immediately took her submissive to call on Petra and Candice for an explanation. As it turned out, Nicolette was not lying. Candice admitted insulting Nicolette and was instantly taken across Valerie’s lap for punishment. But Nicolette was also in the wrong, for telling on Candice like the little tattletale that she was. So she had to be spanked as well. While Petra enjoyed herself with the dainty Nicolette across her lap, her own submissive Candice made so many remarks from the corner that Valerie had to pick up a crop and punish her the whole time with it. After spanking both irritating brats very hard, the two dominant women amused themselves by allowing little Nicolette to have fresh mouthed Candice crawl across the floor and present her bare bottom for a good whipping. (Scene not pictured, but very hot!) Only one last humiliation remained to tame the competitive brats and that was to eroticize the discipline by adding stimulation by vibrator and penetration by matching ponytails. Of course, Nicolette and Candice took their butt plugs like angels and even learn to be kinder and gentler towards each other during the procedure. Which all goes to prove that dominant women know exactly how to turn their bad girls on!
If you enjoyed Visiting Nurses Know Best, you will find much to admire in Tattletale. Penthouse Pet Ashley Renee is one of the brattiest brats we’ve ever filmed and really seems to deserve her spankings. She and Jennifer Antone also have great chemistry as sub and dom. Our newest discovery Jacqueline Lick is adorably spankable and our other new discovery, Sharon Kane is flawless. You are going to love Sharon’s refreshingly no-nonsense style. Running time: 75 minutes.


02 03



06 07


Check out the full film download of Tattletale right HERE

Speaking of buttplugs… Clare has always been a good friend to Shadowlane and this little classic is right up naughty Clare’s back passage street! As you’ll see… just one of the many featurettes and films that Clare Fonda has made for them over the years and it’s all part of the membership option!


Clare? What’s that your butt is trying to hide????

A pretty, subbed-out cougar with a slim, luscious body, shyly prepares for anal sex with her dominant by inserting a pink plastic butt plug between her nether cheeks, while glistening wet and soapy in a hot bubble bath. Her tight anus tries to resist the invasion, but she trains herself to accept the plug, hoping that she will not only please her lover but eventually come to enjoy the strange, embarrassing sensation of being bottom-plugged. Trying to make the best of an awkward, uncomfortable situation, the blonde can’t help but blush at the humiliation of it all.

c02 c04

c05 c06 c08


Wow… you can see MUCH MORE directly at the all new Shadowlane.com


Another Rosaleen Young stash!

July 15, 2014 By: Chief Category: General, Retro Spanking

I have been busy scouring the interwebs for yet more hidden treasures. these came from an old fan’s forum not updated for years and there’s not much on it except for what I found (below)… but Mr Google came up trumps with this set for you. As these are no longer from any valid website or copyright to my knowledge: I felt it was OK to let you guys see these and do with as you will. As usual, because probably some jerk from the past removed the watermark on this set I had found, I have no way of being 100% sure it’s from any active site but this more than looked as if it belonged to the long defunct Rosaleen Young dot com site (now only a distant kinky memory)


So check out these images and use them as you see fit to appreciate her work in the past and just how hot and sexy she looked as a schoolgirl!!! I will also give you a link where you can download the entire zipped content, as I am such a decent guy, eh? No dodgy filelockers, no captchas or waiting times, no iffy downloaders – just click on the link I have at teh nottom of this post and download courtesy of my own bandwidth :)

rosaleenyoung014 rosaleenyoung022



rosaleenyoung040 rosaleenyoung047



Charlie Skye from the Brats Archives!

July 04, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline

I love OTK spankings… I love the realism of a mother/daughter or aunt/niece sort of scenario… and one site that has consistently delovered over the years in this respect is Punishedbrats.com – not just for the many beautiful brats they have shown us… but also for the amazing and stern believable moms and aunties that have also been brought in. Veronica Bound is one of those characters that has been around to near the beginning of Punishedbrats.com since their inception, it has been that long now I can’t remember if it was since June 2006 or 2007! Anyway… one of the stand out girls for me over the years… and I believe she is still starring though not as fresh faced here as a 19 years old in 2006/7 is a girl from Baltimore called charlie Skye! She had fewer tattoos than now and just looked the part, there are many many films with this gorgeous young thing so I just chose this one as a feature and of course it was strictly OTK with a schoolgirl theme (my favourite).

Keeping the Faith


Mother doesn’t demand much from Charlie… just that she go to school and attend church on Sundays… so when Charlie makes any excuse not to attend church, her mom isn’t very happy. Charlie is extremely bratty in her replies and seals her fate with a few sarcastic comments about God being “everywhere” and mother instills “spare the rod, spoil the child” principles and takes this brat across her knee for a reminder of just who is in charge in this household! Charlie is the perfect brat, kicking and complaining, the possessor of a beautiful rear, her panties can not hide her shame as they are pulled down and her bottom given a hard spanking that brings her close to tears! Marvellous!


IMG_4302 IMG_4300

IMG_4295 IMG_4294


IMG_4284 IMG_4280


Charlie regrets everything but it is far too late for that as Mom starts to hit harder on her bared bottom bringing out more red marks and making Charlie yelp out in pain!


IMG_4265 IMG_4261 IMG_4253

IMG_4259 IMG_4258


Check out MORE from this site including all of Charlie’s videos HERE



Sexy Girl Spankings

July 02, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews

This is a site that I don’t feature much anymore >> BadTushy.com if at all nowadays – which is a great shame… but since they don’t really update anymore (despite the fact that they say they do – the images on the front haven’t changed for some time and not updating and saying you do is a bit misleading, isn’t it?) – However, despite all that… if you have never visited the site before, and I mean NEVER or haven’t done so for over 2 years… then it does have a MASSIVE archive of spanking data for you and it would be a shame never to write about this site as it was one of those in its heyday which many always aspired to. Fortunately, I prefer most of the newer stuff they made, mainly becasue the quality of the films were so much better with newer cameras rather than from data over 10 years ago or so. The 2 female tops I like most are featured as  Ms Law or Francesca Le, they can be quite mean, and the girls they spank and punish, often in a humiliating or sexually themed consequence too, are unmissable! If you’re lucky, you’ll come across gorgeous Francesca getting punished too!

As I said… beware and here are my reasons… there are 2 caveats to this site, the first I have already mentioned: No more updates, so do NOT get a recurring membership! The second is their use of DRM content, I haven’t been inside the site some time, but I am still hearing that a lot of their older stuff is DRM protected, meaning once your membership is up you can’t keep the movies (which is crap, even if the quality of them aren’t the best) – but the newer ones, in better quality, like the one below, just about make up for this fact and for the entrance fee you do get ample content to download and you can keep these. When you see these images, then you will understand why today I am giving BadTushy.com a shout out! Especially as the girls and Jessica’s bubble butt you see below are out of this world… oh my!

 4 5

8 9



12 13

14 15



18 20

Some girls think they can get away with anything just because they are hot, never did Jessica think that right in front of her younger girlfriends would she ever get spanked. At first she thought it would be a few whacks on her bottom. Then all of a sudden her skirt was lifted and her pantyhose pulled down revealing her bared cheeks all exposed. She was very embarrassed as this was all happening in front of her friends and the spanking was getting really hard too. But with the shame of knowing that her pantyhose AND then her panties being pulled down made the pain seem like nothing as she was utterly ashamed as she received a leather strapping. A very very hot realistic girl on girl movie with the added bonus of the embarrassment factor.






Chicken Fried Faux Pas

July 01, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Film Review, Movie Reviews, Severe Punishments


In today’s lookback at a great film from yesteryear… we go to a review of an old classic courtesy of DallasSpanksHard.com from 2009 and features cute model Amy Aveline – she had starred in a few spanking and fetish videos at other sites so I remember being initially excited at seeing what would happen to this cute girl when she appeared for the 1st time back then… and wasn’t disappointed. Here is the review of that film, the title of this post today… and it is an interesting story about Billy Jo Bob’s specialty “Chicken Fried Ice Cream” that he served up in his establishment which had cute girls like Amy appear half naked, table dancing and serving up all manner of chicken treats to his customers!

amy002 amy003

amy004 amy005

The Chicken Fried “icecream” is some sort of chicken flavoured dish with real fried chicken skin as the cone instead of a wafer. So the reason Amy has been sent for her punishment by Billy Jo Bob was because she almost got him into a lawsuit over serving up uncooked chicken… which of course is a real source of salmonella poisoning… Amy seemed blissfully unaware of this fact. It would be Dallas’ duty to remind her how to behave, know what was right and wrong through a slow painful process of punishment that Billy Jo Bob had sent her there for in order that she keep her job… this was the terms of the agreement.


amy007 amy008

amy009 amy010


Amy was dressed up looking cute in her long boots and pantyless crotch seat latex style pants with a cowboy hat to top it off… she had Vitamin E lotion applied to her skin, which from what I have learnt means the spanking and any contact afterwards is unbearably painful and doesn’t offer any protection at all, I think by the end of the film you can see a layer of her butt skin peeling off, but more on that later. This is maybe something I feel less comfortable with, I never know if this is deliberate, but it looks good and the bottom reddens very very quickly after just a few hand swats. She is spanked OTK and soon becomes tearful… after more chastisement and promises that she is learning, Amy is left to contemplate her next punishment over the chair… with hand and wooden paddle and strap… she is also spanked over his lap again. By now Amy is in tears and promising that this sort of behaviour will not happen again and understands the importance of it.

amy012 amy013

amy014 amy015

The final part of her punishment is an interesting table dancing scene… her red cheeks wobble and jiggle provocatively as Dallas encourages her to dance and grind and work that ass… to encourage her he uses a wooden paddle that she hates and this does the job to get into the mood of it.

amy016 amy017

Some harder swats at the end ensures Amy is thoroughly contrite and tearful, fully aware of what is now required of her when she returns to work! You can see on the camera close up just what has happened to her bottom after this punishment, the paddle arks are obvious as is a layer of skin removed and looking tender. Overall, this is an excellent Dallas video, very typical, with some good scenes of relentless hand spanking, reflection and continued tearful punishment until he is satisfied that she has learnt her lesson.

amy018 amy019


amy021 amy022

There are more films starring Amy at DallasSpanksHard.com – which compliment the many excellent films from the vast archives of this spanking site!



 Check it out HERE and see for yourself.


Japanese Spanking Archives

June 16, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Schoolgirl Punishment

Ye Olde Japanese Spanking Archives!


Here is a simple reminder of just how awesome this archive of Japanese Spanking Erotica still rocks. It looks as if the site Cutie Spankee has stopped updating again, but it is far from dead and if you have not visited this site for a few years or have never viewed it, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how many full films and image sets there are! From about 10 years of updates so it’s a massive site and I would only recommend this as a chance to view and download the film data if you’ve never visited the site before, but it is worth every single penny if you are into beautiful girl on girl punishments, featuring real shame, panties down punishments with various implements (I particularly liked the paddling films as these are not as tame as some would think!). Below are some hot scenes covering all manner of traditional, domestic, school and workplace spanking punishment and erotica.

All stunning spanking images are courtesy of Cutiespankee.com


bs_b_01 bs_b_02


bs_c_01 bs_c_02



bs_e_01 bs_e_02



bs_f_01 bs_f_02 bs_f_03

bs_f_04 bs_j_01 bs_j_02

bs_j_03 bs_j_04

bs_l_01 bs_l_02

bs_l_03 bs_l_04 bs2009_a01


bs2009_a04 bs2009_a03

bs2009_b01 bs2009_b02 bs2009_b03


bs2009_f01 bs2009_f02 bs2009_f03


bs2009_g01 bs2009_g02 bs2009_g03

bs2009_g04 bs2009_n01 bs2009_n02



prv_b prv_c prv_d


prv_f prv_g prv_h


There’s plenty more stunning images and films available to download now HERE