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Sexy Girl Spankings

July 02, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

This is a site that I don’t feature much anymore >> BadTushy.com if at all nowadays – which is a great shame… but since they don’t really update anymore (despite the fact that they say they do – the images on the front haven’t changed for some time and not updating and saying you do is a bit misleading, isn’t it?) – However, despite all that… if you have never visited the site before, and I mean NEVER or haven’t done so for over 2 years… then it does have a MASSIVE archive of spanking data for you and it would be a shame never to write about this site as it was one of those in its heyday which many always aspired to. Fortunately, I prefer most of the newer stuff they made, mainly becasue the quality of the films were so much better with newer cameras rather than from data over 10 years ago or so. The 2 female tops I like most are featured as  Ms Law or Francesca Le, they can be quite mean, and the girls they spank and punish, often in a humiliating or sexually themed consequence too, are unmissable! If you’re lucky, you’ll come across gorgeous Francesca getting punished too!

As I said… beware and here are my reasons… there are 2 caveats to this site, the first I have already mentioned: No more updates, so do NOT get a recurring membership! The second is their use of DRM content, I haven’t been inside the site some time, but I am still hearing that a lot of their older stuff is DRM protected, meaning once your membership is up you can’t keep the movies (which is crap, even if the quality of them aren’t the best) – but the newer ones, in better quality, like the one below, just about make up for this fact and for the entrance fee you do get ample content to download and you can keep these. When you see these images, then you will understand why today I am giving BadTushy.com a shout out! Especially as the girls and Jessica’s bubble butt you see below are out of this world… oh my!

 4 5

8 9



12 13

14 15



18 20

Some girls think they can get away with anything just because they are hot, never did Jessica think that right in front of her younger girlfriends would she ever get spanked. At first she thought it would be a few whacks on her bottom. Then all of a sudden her skirt was lifted and her pantyhose pulled down revealing her bared cheeks all exposed. She was very embarrassed as this was all happening in front of her friends and the spanking was getting really hard too. But with the shame of knowing that her pantyhose AND then her panties being pulled down made the pain seem like nothing as she was utterly ashamed as she received a leather strapping. A very very hot realistic girl on girl movie with the added bonus of the embarrassment factor.






Cheyenne Jewel at Shadowlane

March 27, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Film Review, Website Reviews 1 Comment →

Oops, I need a spanking for leaving this blog alone for so long, I had been meaning to get back here sooner, so many apologies, to those lucky enough to catch a new update here today… check out some fantastic films that Cheyenne Jewel helped make at Shadowlane.com over the years! She has one of the most spankable (and flawless… to start with) bums in the biz… as you’ll discover below!

Taken from: “No Ifs… and Just Butts (3)”

This is a bountiful video clip compilation, featuring clips of a well-spanked, blushing seat of a naughty, punished lady. In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents bare bottom spankings close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve. In this series, all the spotlights are turned on the bouncing buttocks of 18 beautiful Shadow Lane girls as their flawless backsides are paddled and spanked in classic style. First the viewer gets a quick look at the lovely face of the lady being punished, then it’s all rear action to the end of each scene. Needless to say, the spanking in these video excerpts is good and hard!


cheyenne002 cheyenne003

cheyenne004 cheyenne005


cheyenne007 cheyenne008 cheyenne009

Check out the free clip of Cheyenne’s beautiful wobbling buttocks in this clip below!


& then she starred in something a little more intimate alongside Miss Chris who played a sadistic nurse who gave her a long drawn out enema as part of the punishment she received!

cheyenne000 cheyenne002


Now placed on all-fours on a low leather bench by her supervisor, Miss Honeywell waits with nervous anxiety for Miss Underwood to divide her cane-striped bottom cheeks and place the long, white, perforated nozzle between them, pushing it into Miss Honeywell’s bottom as far as it will go and then allowing the shame-faced offender to get used to the feel of it before beginning the flow of warm water into Miss Honeywell’s bowels. Miss Honeywell’s nude form, with its slim curves and satiny skin texture appears exquisitely erotic in the submissive position and receiving the enema in humility and obedience to her superior’s will. Miss Underwood appears to take pleasure in lecturing and scolding her erring employee while squeezing the clamp every so often to allow Miss Honeywell receive the whole bag in a controlled manner. Miss Honeywell’s flat stomach becomes a little rounder as the bag is emptied. Groaning with the feeling of fullness and all of the discomfort that comes with retaining so much water, Miss Honeywell assures her boss that she has learned a lesson that day and will never disappoint Miss Underwood again.

cheyenne004 cheyenne005

cheyenne006 cheyenne007

cheyenne008 cheyenne009 cheyenne010

Check out this free clip of the humiliating enema scene of Cheyenne’s character

Finally, let’s see a great F/F traditional and hard spanking film with Eve Howard showing Cheyenne how embarrassing it was to be spanked totally naked! I liked this film a lot, I think you  will too… I also have some better images for you below which members can also view!


Cheyenne’s sharp lesson in academic honesty continues when Eve requires the shapely college senior to strip to her radiant skin, take a nude over the knee spanking and then kneel across a padded stool, her backside pointing upwards, in passive readiness to receive a stinging wooden paddling and a yip-provoking bottom smacking with a leather slapper. When the collegiate bad girl is finally given leave to go, it is with a severely punished bottom, red and sore from the hard lambasting with palm, wood and leather it has justly received.

cheyenne002 cheyenne003 cheyenne004

cheyenne005 cheyenne006

cheyenne007 cheyenne008

cheyenne009 cheyenne010

& you can see a free clip of that film below:




Classic Teen Bailey

February 09, 2014 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews No Comments →

This classic look back at the SpankingBailey.com site takes in 3 great films with her usual adversaries, Mr Daniels and Mrs Burns… between them they accounted for a lot of her punishments as you’ll see from the sample images below: Bailey Sullivan must have made an awful lot of content as her site is still being updated weekly… what’s more, what I like about this site is that for under $25 you get access to 4 sites, including Spanking teen Jessica and Brandi… but they are usually better known so I wanted to concentrate on showing you just how good Bailey looked getting punished… so beautifully and naturally submissive, playing the bratty schoolgirl, dorm girl and naughty girl next door… until she became contrite and learned her lesson – the hard way!

Bailey answers back in a dorm room inspection when she refused to get rid of her oversized teddybear… Mr Daniels knows just what to do as you’ll see below!


3129_016 3129_028

3129_041 3129_081

3129_085 3129_090

3129_091 3129_099


Here we see Bailey in a detention punishment with Mr Daniels… using the dreaded and rather painful Lexan Paddle… Bailey takes the humiliating punishment over his lap for an OTK paddling before she is stood up and made to bend over so Mr Daniels can use more force to bring his point across!


6527_010 6527_011

6527_034 6527_037


6527_050 6527_064

6527_067 6527_076


Mrs Burns is a fearsome adversary… her scoldings and put downs are legendary… poor Bailey knew she would be in for a tough time when they had to have a chat first before the reason and why she was going to be punished was explained in advance… this of course added to her own apprehension and fears over what implements might be used on her bare bottom this time… as Mrs Burns had an awesome array!


7414_016 7414_038

7414_044 7414_045

7414_050 7414_059


This is but a mere glimpse into what still goes on at SpankingBailey.com – and with the other sites, is sure to keep you busy downloading lots of movies and images sets. It’s still a group of sites I love to bits as the punishments are very real, severe and above all… really convey the emotions on both sides of a punishment perfectly… Bailey is a natural for this, as you’ll discover

Take a look at her site HERE (and see the other options which are included too!)



The Many Punishments of Sarah Bright

January 31, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

Sarah Bright is known today as a fearsome female top… however, at her own dedicated site HERE you more often see her doing just that, being mean to girls and giving them as hard a spanking as any man! However, Sarah is a switch so she still embraces her submissive side and I for one am glad she does, even though she admitted on her own sites not too long ago that she felt self conscious about her fluctuating weight. Well, this is the beauty of time, Sarah’s weight did fluctuate, but she was always a beautiful top or sub and that bubble butt was aching for a severe punishment. Below are some earlier images of Sarah from the archives of her site, you’ll notice the varying hairstyles and thrashed butts, but I think she looks great in all of them. One thing Sarah doesn’t do anymore is a sort of sex and spanking scenario that she used to film… I understand that you may not want your little ones to see that at some point later in life… so I won’t focus on anything like that… instead, you can see that sort of thing if you like realistic suburban sex and spanking scenes in the vast archives – but let’s celebrate Sarah’s spanking achievements over the years…

npp957037 npp957060


npp957068 npp957085

Early on Sarah was not afraid to show off herself intimately… and why not? She’s gorgeous!

npp1008021 npp1008017

npp1008014 npp1008024 npp1008033

npp1008039 npp1008048

Mr Stern & Sarah are real life partners… so he often gets the best out of their domestic scenarios!

npp3077029 npp3077039

npp3077049 npp3077057


npp3077062 npp3077073 npp3077075

Now this was shown about 18 months ago, maybe longer (below) … but it gives you an idea that Sarah STILL gets her punishments as well as being a very accomplished Top herself… she excels as teachers in trouble as you’ll see in this wonderful 2 part series that I remember well!


npp-4073020 npp-4073027

npp-4073044 npp-4073046

Headmistress Sarah is a firm believer in corporal punishment and has administered it to a young lady that day. Now an angry parent is at the school and is demanding that Sarah takes the same punishment she dished out. An argument and something of a struggle takes place before Sarah finds herself face down on a vaulting horse being spanked and paddled. Then to add to the humiliation she has to push her bare bottom in the air for a terrible hard beating.


The second and the most painful part, for Sarah, of her latest film The tables are turned. An irate parent has turned up at the school and has given her a terrible spanking and paddling. He is not satisfied that his message has got through to strong willed teacher Sarah Bright and so is determined to take the ultimate step. Miss Bright is made to kneel on the gym horse, bottom well in the air. Having selected the heaviest cane available from the schools collection  and he administers a devastating caning leaving Sarah sorry and well marked on her beautiful botto

npp4074006 npp4074021

npp4074026 npp4074031

Want top see more? Check out Sarah’s site that offer full HD Clip Previews HERE