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Horses for Courses Spanking

July 07, 2015 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Severe Punishments No Comments →

Just a quick update as I was in the mood to catch up on some of my vast collection of long play films I hadn’t seen in a while and I just finished watching this “beauty” – It’s a good F/F spanking style movie with a young spoilt rich girl picked on by employees at the stables who steal from her and do horrid things to make her time with her pony all that more unpleasant. After she calls home to her mother, she is allowed to spank these two bad girls – and they are both contrasting – one is older and extremely buxom… once stripped her tits are hanging in glorious shame and jiggle provocatively as her ample plump cheeks are strapped then caned expertly. the second girl is known to me as it is an early film from Sam Johnson – looking beautiful and amazing when stripped naked – she takes an equally hard paddling and caning too!


Horses for Course – one of over 200 hours of films at 1stChoiceSpanking.com

big tits dangling during a spanking

Horses for Courses spanking OTK spanking

revealing and humiliating spanking

bubble butt spanking bubble butts

leather paddle

hard girl on girl canings bent over caned and exposed


Sam Johnson caning

Sam Johnson caned

View a FREE Clip of this film from the extensive tour pages HERE

1st choice spanking


Audrey Knight gets a strapping

May 02, 2015 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Severe Punishments No Comments →

This is an old classic from DallasSpanksHard.com and it features a young lady who is famed for dishing it out to others… but she has often been in front of the camera with her bare bottom spanked too. Audrey is one of those young ladies I probably might never meet, which is a great pity… I find her incredibly intriguing… her ability to take and dish out punishments are legendary… even with the prospect of pissing off Dallas… she did it anyway! Oops! This sassy side to Audrey is most alluring… and a challenge to any top. Fortunately, when Audrey tested the waters to see how he’d react… as you’ll see early on in this particularly strapping punishment – it didn’t go at all well for her! Images and clip courtesy of the vast archives from DallasSpankshard.com

Audrey Knight gets a strapping

Audrey Knight – “Heat of the Knight – Strapping scenes”

Audrey Knight Audrey spanks Abi Whittaker

Audrey has some fun outside in Dallas’ pool before the real business of her painful strapping and spanking punishment inside begins! Knowing Dallas, he LOVES girls to have tan-lines so I’m sure he encouraged Abi and Audrey (shown above) to sun themselves in their bikinis to enhance their contrasting tan-lines and ensure their bums looked even whiter at the start!

***** Then it begins! *****

[jwplayer mediaid=”3859″]

strapping and spanking audrey1_strap_07

Dallas straps Audrey Knight leather strap

strapping and spanking audrey1_strap_12

audrey1_strap_13 leather strap


Dallas spanks hard


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The 1st Annual Lone Star Spanking Party – see HERE for details

Lone Star Spanking party



Institutional Strappings

February 01, 2015 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

Just before I settle down to watch tonight’s Superbowl game… I thought you would like to see another old image set from a great double strapping with Betty Blaze and Jade.


Danny doesn’t shirk from his responsibility in this double scene… first Betty takes the strap in front of Jade, then the roles are reversed. Add to that the institutional theme and their cute uniforms, seeing their bare bottoms given a good thrashing was just teh pre match tonic I wanted to remind you is available from the extensive archives of Real Spankings Institute


9813_006 9813_009


9813_017 9813_023


Danny catches Betty and Jade arguing about setting the table for the staff dinner. Obviously the girls are fighting and not getting a simple task done. Danny takes them into the next room, places Betty on her hands and knees and straps her hard.


9814_002 9814_005


9814_011 9814_018

Danny has Jade switch positions with Betty. He then proceeds to give her a strapping on her bare bottom. After Jade’s punishment, Danny orders the girls to sit next to each other on the hearth, and then get back to work.



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Review of early Penny Stone Spankings

January 05, 2015 By: Chief Category: Film Review, Severe Punishments No Comments →

It would appear that before joint winner of the “Spankee of the Year 2014”, Penny Stone. had in fact travelled to Florida to experience Dallas’ hard hands at his site HERE and some of his favorite implements in a few series of films before we got to know much more of her at Punishedbrats.com where I think most people have become familiar with her recently. In one such film that I am featuring today, Penny’s appearance with Dallas was solely based on the punishment of a brat (hmm, something she can do well, lol) – in fact, she plays a Hollywood starlet who learns some valuable life lessons over the lap and under the strong hurtful hands of Dallas. Now I was surprised that he didn’t even get a mention in the male spankers rating, he always used to be there or thereabouts… so this is my way of recognizing that perhaps he should have been there, but when the Spanking Awards nominations were open to the public I did warn people that they HAD to nominate or their fave scenes/stars etc. might get missed out!


So here is Penny Stone in the role as the Spanked Starlet



spanked-starlet2_04 spanked-starlet2_05 spanked-starlet2_07 spanked-starlet2_09


spanked-starlet2_16 spanked-starlet2_17 spanked-starlet2_18 spanked-starlet2_19


Penny has much shorter hair currently, but you can see just from these images alone how good this film looked, can’t you? Dallas and wooden implements are never a great combination for any young lady’s bare bottom as (no doubt) Penny would let you know! See MORE of Penny’s work in this early exclusive series of films which compliments a great site that is DallasSpanksHard.com