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Horses for Courses Spanking

July 07, 2015 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Severe Punishments No Comments →

Just a quick update as I was in the mood to catch up on some of my vast collection of long play films I hadn’t seen in a while and I just finished watching this “beauty” – It’s a good F/F spanking style movie with a young spoilt rich girl picked on by employees at the stables who steal from her and do horrid things to make her time with her pony all that more unpleasant. After she calls home to her mother, she is allowed to spank these two bad girls – and they are both contrasting – one is older and extremely buxom… once stripped her tits are hanging in glorious shame and jiggle provocatively as her ample plump cheeks are strapped then caned expertly. the second girl is known to me as it is an early film from Sam Johnson – looking beautiful and amazing when stripped naked – she takes an equally hard paddling and caning too!


Horses for Course – one of over 200 hours of films at 1stChoiceSpanking.com

big tits dangling during a spanking

Horses for Courses spanking OTK spanking

revealing and humiliating spanking

bubble butt spanking bubble butts

leather paddle

hard girl on girl canings bent over caned and exposed


Sam Johnson caning

Sam Johnson caned

View a FREE Clip of this film from the extensive tour pages HERE

1st choice spanking


Holiday Spankings

July 04, 2015 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking No Comments →

Happy 4th July to my American Readers… I apologize for not writng here sooner, but being away, I had to prioritize and felt bad as I really want to update this blog more often and choose older things you might not have seen for a while.


As it is Independence day in America… I thought I’d choose a much missed spanking icon, one of my first online crushes when I discovered the spanking internet in the early “Noughties” – and that is the beautiful brat, Sierra Salem. She did a lot of filming up to about 2009-2010 then disappeared off the face of the online spanking Earth. This is an example of just how awesome Sierra was and one of those girls I wished I had met and even maybe got to spank for AAA or Sarah Gregory’s sites – alas, it is not to be… so let’s remember this awesome American Spanking legend – images, story and clip taken from the fantastic archives of Firmhandspanking.com

teen brat Sierra Salem

Sierra knows that when Steve Fuller discovers deceit, her bottom pays the penalty! Jeans and panties pulled down, she flinches as his hand and black leather strap does a job on her cheeks. She talks her way out of most punishments, but not this time as the crack of strap on bottom rings round the room 128 times

Sierra gets a bare bottom Strapping from Steve Fuller for being deceitful

Sierra hands Steve the strap

OTK spanking over jeans strapping over jeans


brats_ai012 brats_ai014

Sierra Salem OTK strapping

Sierra gets an OTK spanking brat strapped OTK


Sierra Salem OTK brats_ai022


See the short free clip of Sierra pleading & failing to avoid her strapping (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”3899″]

For this and the complete extensive library of her work – Click HERE

Firm hand spanking

Happy July 4th y’all!



Tattletale – Humiliating Spankings

October 17, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking No Comments →

Sorry that I haven’t been here in a while, I really must rectify this… to make up for it, here is a fantastic preview of a film from the past remastered and currently out for download at Shadowlane.com – it’s called “Tattletale” and involves the use of butt plugs as well as more traditional methods of corporal punishment in this double girl spanking special! careful… it’s an old classic that is very naughty and HAWT!

01 02

03 04


Below is the description of the film “Tattletale” – as told by Eve Howard:

All the trouble started when Petra’s submissive Candice insulted Valerie’s submissive Nicolette in a Hollywood fetish shoe shop. Nicolette promptly told her mistress that Candice had accused her of being a B&D poser! (As opposed to the sincere player that she was.) Valerie was stunned and immediately took her submissive to call on Petra and Candice for an explanation. As it turned out, Nicolette was not lying. Candice admitted insulting Nicolette and was instantly taken across Valerie’s lap for punishment. But Nicolette was also in the wrong, for telling on Candice like the little tattletale that she was. So she had to be spanked as well. While Petra enjoyed herself with the dainty Nicolette across her lap, her own submissive Candice made so many remarks from the corner that Valerie had to pick up a crop and punish her the whole time with it. After spanking both irritating brats very hard, the two dominant women amused themselves by allowing little Nicolette to have fresh mouthed Candice crawl across the floor and present her bare bottom for a good whipping. (Scene not pictured, but very hot!) Only one last humiliation remained to tame the competitive brats and that was to eroticize the discipline by adding stimulation by vibrator and penetration by matching ponytails. Of course, Nicolette and Candice took their butt plugs like angels and even learn to be kinder and gentler towards each other during the procedure. Which all goes to prove that dominant women know exactly how to turn their bad girls on!
If you enjoyed Visiting Nurses Know Best, you will find much to admire in Tattletale. Penthouse Pet Ashley Renee is one of the brattiest brats we’ve ever filmed and really seems to deserve her spankings. She and Jennifer Antone also have great chemistry as sub and dom. Our newest discovery Jacqueline Lick is adorably spankable and our other new discovery, Sharon Kane is flawless. You are going to love Sharon’s refreshingly no-nonsense style. Running time: 75 minutes.


02 03



06 07


Check out the full film download of Tattletale right HERE

Speaking of buttplugs… Clare has always been a good friend to Shadowlane and this little classic is right up naughty Clare’s back passage street! As you’ll see… just one of the many featurettes and films that Clare Fonda has made for them over the years and it’s all part of the membership option!


Clare? What’s that your butt is trying to hide????

A pretty, subbed-out cougar with a slim, luscious body, shyly prepares for anal sex with her dominant by inserting a pink plastic butt plug between her nether cheeks, while glistening wet and soapy in a hot bubble bath. Her tight anus tries to resist the invasion, but she trains herself to accept the plug, hoping that she will not only please her lover but eventually come to enjoy the strange, embarrassing sensation of being bottom-plugged. Trying to make the best of an awkward, uncomfortable situation, the blonde can’t help but blush at the humiliation of it all.

c02 c04

c05 c06 c08


Wow… you can see MUCH MORE directly at the all new Shadowlane.com


Another Rosaleen Young stash!

July 15, 2014 By: Chief Category: General, Retro Spanking 1 Comment →

I have been busy scouring the interwebs for yet more hidden treasures. these came from an old fan’s forum not updated for years and there’s not much on it except for what I found (below)… but Mr Google came up trumps with this set for you. As these are no longer from any valid website or copyright to my knowledge: I felt it was OK to let you guys see these and do with as you will. As usual, because probably some jerk from the past removed the watermark on this set I had found, I have no way of being 100% sure it’s from any active site but this more than looked as if it belonged to the long defunct Rosaleen Young dot com site (now only a distant kinky memory)


So check out these images and use them as you see fit to appreciate her work in the past and just how hot and sexy she looked as a schoolgirl!!! I will also give you a link where you can download the entire zipped content, as I am such a decent guy, eh? No dodgy filelockers, no captchas or waiting times, no iffy downloaders – just click on the link I have at teh nottom of this post and download courtesy of my own bandwidth 🙂

rosaleenyoung014 rosaleenyoung022



rosaleenyoung040 rosaleenyoung047