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Special Feature on Debbie Fraser

December 29, 2014 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download, Severe Punishments No Comments →


Proud American brat Debbie Fraser is about to be broken on the Horse of Doom. Unknown to her she hasn’t realised just how exposed her bottom will be when she is prostrate over the old gym horse! With her full globes fully exposed she is put through a gruelling punishment with a finale caning scene that brings her to real tears! Debbie proves that some Yanks can take a hard Brit punishment! Don’t miss this film fully remastered for the very 1st time! This final film compliments the other 3 films which you also get to download and keep in this very special Collectors Edition.

This is just 1 of 4 films that you can download as a very special unique package… see the free clip and how to view it in full HERE



Master of Paris film review

December 01, 2012 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download 2 Comments →

Sometimes, I just have to do the odd full film review, in this case I have seen many films of the extremely alluring and provocative Paris Kennedy and had watched her 1st films way back with Clare Fonda who had discovered her at 18 years of age and she has now done virtually every fetish known… but what I really love seeing Paris Kennedy perform is a true submissive girl next door look with some great sex scenes thrown in as only she can do! She has made several sex and spanking films with Shadowlane and this one is possibly one of my favourites because of the positions she gets herself into after getting a rather great and prolonged OTK spanking… this is one of the horniest spanking films I have been fortunate to watch… check out the imagery from the film below and the official text of the story… I have added my little recommendation and where you can easily download this film (including a special freeview offer). The full length film is a whopping 50 minutes and I loved every single minute of this film, I am sure you will too! m

Hired for her good looks rather than her housekeeping skills, new domestic Paris spends her first morning at work doing exactly what you’d expect her to do, which is not much. But her boss Butch Simms has guests coming that evening and needs for the house to be perfect, so he keeps following her around and catching her being lazy and inattentive to her duties. Finally, after the third or fourth time she annoys and exasperates him, Simms threatens to spank his new employee, who looks fantastic in her clinging uniform, with her voluptuous bosom (pushing against its buttons), her gracefully tapering waist and her shapely bottom so seductively outlined by her glove-tight skirt. After repeated warning and scoldings, Paris pushes the envelopes a little too far, letting her strict new boss catch her smoking a joint in his back yard. It is all over now but the kicking and screaming.



Butch drags Paris back into the house and straight to his bedroom, administering a good, hard, over the knee spanking to the idle, rule breaking house maid. Paris feels Mr. Simms’ hard hand through her fishnet tights and panties and then on creamy bare bottom, until it is cherry vanilla.

Spanking Paris (and intermittently finger fucking her to wetness) gives Butch a giant erection and another good idea, so taking full advantage of his position, he demands she pleasure him with her sensuous mouth. Paris proves a lot better at giving head than she was at dusting and sweeping and in no time at all her employer’s lusty hard-on grows even more robust.




In characteristic style, Butch initiates several rounds of pile-driving sexual intercourse, in a series of classically revealing positions, all of which expose the ravishing allurements, including the tight, pink pussy, of the fully nude, auburn-haired beauty to perfection. After a number of rounds of vigorous and completely explicit sex, during which the luscious young lady lubricates like crazy, Paris inspires her employer to gush with praise for her, at least in respect to her skills as a partner in bed.




This slightly hard-edged but basically traditional male dominant-female submissive scenario features an adorable gen-x aged spankee enticing, submitting to and subsequently satisfying an athletic, well-endowed and virile older man. It’s Paris Kennedy’s first sex and spanking video and it is drenched with her own brand of Hollywood/LA bad girl charm.

Paris was 1st featured in Shadowlane’s film “The Mischief Makers” which was shot when she had just come out in the scene and started making movies. Six years after that she had become daring enough to star in a movie like this one, playing every spanking man’s costumed fantasy girl, a delicious submissive who goes all the way in a scene!

My view on this film is that the necessary storyline is believable, so I didn’t really want to flick too much ahead as I wanted to see just what a brat Paris was as I knew she was gonna get a damned good spanking and fucking afterwards. Personally, I’d crawl over hot coals to get a chance to film with her… I think this speaks volumes for her acting “talents” and ability to take a good hard spanking whilst being incredibly sexual at the same time… she and this film are a perfect mix of sex and spanking that sometimes I just crave to watch… if this is your thing too, then I have good news for you as this film is available on the Spanking Theater (see the direct film link below) and this special link also includes up to 20 minutes FREE for those that want to watch a movie (incl this one) for any new sign ups! It’s an incredible offer and a way to watch Parid Kennedy and see why I am rating her so highly!





Red & Spread – Film Review

October 23, 2012 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews, Pay per Download No Comments →

Red and Spread is the latest film to come from spanking studio Scorched… and this is one of the sexiest and naughtiest girl/girl Lezdom spankings I’ve seen in a while without actually being overly graphic, this is one of the most erotic female spankings I have seen, and I would love to emulate this on my own site one day soon with the right combination of girls…. as you’ll see below. I’m not actually sure where the girls are from, probably Hungary or somewhere close in eastern Europe… as they don’t actually say anything, everything is implied and the brunette is totally submissive and follows her attractive young lesbian mistress demands exactly…

All images you will see are from the actual movie and of course the actual playback in WMV is of a good enough standard for me to enthuse about it here! At the end I’ll show you where you can download this film as a streaming or download special… but sit back, relax… and take in some amazing images from this very sexy spanking movie!




The brunette’s blonde dominant lover places her in the diaper position after removing her clothing to add to the feeling of vulnerability she clearly wants her sub to feel and she is turned on as she plays with her lover’s protruding labia and starts to spank the girl in this revealing position. the brunette yelps a little and her bottom quickly turns red with some repeated spankings and a leather paddle that ius used in between some rude and enjoyable pussy fingering scenes!



A rather more traditional position of being bent over for continued paddling and spanking takes place and the brunette’s delicate bottom really starts to look sore and she is obviously starting to feel the swats more as she yelps but takes what is given to her… she obviously does not want to disappoint her mistress and looks forward to another very submissive position sat on the lap of her lover as the dominant blonde’s fingers wander back to her slit and protruding labia and she scrapes her nails deliberately and slowly down the side of the sub brunette’s back and sides to her sore red bottom… showing her who is in charge… it is obvious that the brunette enjoys knowing her place and likes to be treated as her dom girlfriend’s plaything as the blonde delicately takes a nipple into her mouth as she gently teases it to erection sending a sexual thrill to her submissive partner sat wriggling and squirming oin her lap!


More bottom rubbing and soothing now with a few gentler spanks towards the end of this 31 minute length film (the time flew when I watched this!), you can imagine these girls will have some more erotic making up to do, if the blonde decides this is what she wants and it’s for her own pleasure… it’s an excellent movie and one I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


You can see a free preview of this great film below, below that is the link where you can view it IN FULL – seriously, if you love F/F spanking films with an erotic sexual touch and of course some great spanking action too… this is one film you should be keeping, Like I have, in our ever increasing video library of spanking erotica!


Special Offer – New Sign Ups GET 20 MINS FREE
(You can almost watch this entire film!!!)

This studio SCORCHED is part of the vast Spanking Theater Network


Spanking trilogy of films revisited

February 18, 2012 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download No Comments →

So here it is, the trilogy of films with the awesome Miss Hastings and 2 of her naughtiest pupils, Emily and Joanne, all carefully collected together as a one off movie “Collectors Package” at NaughtyBottom.com

This site caters for those who only want to download the odd movie or 2 as and when, giving them the full control of what they want to view and how much they want to spend! As this site is now being updated with regular movies at least 3 times a week, it’s well worth checking what’s coming up next!

So you get an idea of what’s in this package, I have got you some image grabs and a brief description. You can also see this at the movie intro page at Naughtybottom.com where there is also a sample clip located towards the bottom of the page HERE! Have a good weekend and Monday Holiday! SpankMaster

Part 1 (the OTK Spanking of Emily and Joanne)

From the movie “Out of Bounds”


the following movie focusses on heavy strapping scenes!

From the movie “The Prayer Lesson”


Finally the severest movie contains hard and graphic canings of both girls

Taken from the movie “The School Cane!”


As I said to see the full description with more images and the sample clip CLICK HERE and all will be revealed! Enjoy, this is a good ‘un!!!