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Another Rosaleen Young stash!

July 15, 2014 By: Chief Category: General, Retro Spanking 1 Comment →

I have been busy scouring the interwebs for yet more hidden treasures. these came from an old fan’s forum not updated for years and there’s not much on it except for what I found (below)… but Mr Google came up trumps with this set for you. As these are no longer from any valid website or copyright to my knowledge: I felt it was OK to let you guys see these and do with as you will. As usual, because probably some jerk from the past removed the watermark on this set I had found, I have no way of being 100% sure it’s from any active site but this more than looked as if it belonged to the long defunct Rosaleen Young dot com site (now only a distant kinky memory)


So check out these images and use them as you see fit to appreciate her work in the past and just how hot and sexy she looked as a schoolgirl!!! I will also give you a link where you can download the entire zipped content, as I am such a decent guy, eh? No dodgy filelockers, no captchas or waiting times, no iffy downloaders – just click on the link I have at teh nottom of this post and download courtesy of my own bandwidth 🙂

rosaleenyoung014 rosaleenyoung022



rosaleenyoung040 rosaleenyoung047



A badly tattooed ass I wouldn’t spank :(

October 09, 2013 By: Chief Category: General 1 Comment →

Bit of light relief… As I have not been on here for a while, it’s not a dead blog… and I will start to update here again in earnest very soon… now, I’m not the biggest fan of tattoos, I’m old fashioned like that! Sure… some tatts are fine and have meaning or look good on the individual (however, I always imagine what they will look like when the subject is 70+ years old and those “colourful” inkings always end up the same dreary green/blue hue….) anyway… found this on the internet and I decided to add some text of my own… I found this on a site showing possibly the worst tattoos ever created… in this case, some poor girl’s bottom has been desecrated with shit and badly drawn tattoos… I wonder if any of these subjects of the crap tatts ever sue… I sure as hell would!!! Wouldn’t you?

So… would you spank this… or just beat the living crap out of those tatts instead?




Traditional New Year Spanking Round Up

December 29, 2012 By: Chief Category: General, Movie Reviews, Website Reviews No Comments →


As I always do at this time of year, it’s a bumper package at what I have posted over the last year, showing you a fave moment from this site from each month, I will condense it to just one or 2 sites featured per month otherwise the post gets ridiculously long, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind! Enjoy… look back with me and look forward to plenty more spanking news and entertainment in 2013!


I just wanted to share this fantastic anime clip of a girl thrashed and she wets herself near the end, being anime, they can get away with pretty much anything they want, it’s a good scene, enjoy!



This isn’t often covered enough, I think… but I love seeing girls with a dusky dark bottom thrashed and these 2 from 2 different sites are featured a lot at the respective sites they’re taken from. The first is a cute girl wearing glasses, I have several of her films but don’t know her name (they never say), but what you will find cute about this girl is that she takes a hard paddling and just look at her Spiderman underpants… how adorably cute. She also has an Amazonian toned ass and thighs and eventaully starts to react to her paddling when she grits her teeth and bears it at the start – the ends of the full film (in Hi Res wmv) is worth watching as she rubs her battered bottom lingeringly for the cameras…mmm! Check out the images and the free clip of her paddling that I have for you below:






To see more similar punishments like this check out all the latest developments and updates coming out from RealSpankings.com


The 2nd girl is a favorite of mine called Sally who was one of the featured residents of Girls-Boarding-School for a while so this will tell you that there are many films of her and I like this one as Tom really doesn’t hold back with the caning and I also like the way she is forced to lean against the wall, bottom stuck out and take her caning. There’s a twist as he is directed by Mr Thomspon on the phone as how to punish this girl…any excuse, eh? :D

click image above to view the streaming clip of Sally’s severe caning

Below are some scenes taken from the full length movie so you get an idea of what happens outside of the free clip – this is just 1 of several that feature this beauty at Girls-Boarding-School





Seeing an old scan of this image above from an old magazine,  (sorry, this was just found by accident on a Google search so can’t credit who it belongs to) it inspired me to search for some classic films from at least 10-15 years or more and with the accompanying images you’ll see below, I think Calstar have come up with the goods! They have 100’s of old films from both sides of the Atlantic to choose from and cover anything from schoolgirl to master/mistreess and their sub/s, domestic discipline and lesbian roleplay punishments which are all just hot including some particularly welt-ass-tic thrashings as you’ll see below – Just click on the image for the full gallery! Enjoy!

All films & MORE Free previews courtesy of Cal Star Spanking



Here’s a nice little feature that covers a schoolgirl or cheerleader that is in need of a darned good thrashing! Just like the brats below, you will be amazed at the punishments these naughty well known girls can take… and I have provided links to where you can find them and see more!

Brandi in a cheer girl outfit always got my juices flowing, just look at her in these pics below! I never tire of seeing her punished in this and similar costumes, this is the stuff of fantasy!


You can see much more of Brandi at her own site which is also part of a 4 site deal and is well worth a look for the best in retro discipline of some of the sexiest sassiest schoolgirl brats from America… go check out Spanking Teen Brandi and discover more!


Kami Robertson – a unique film “Race Cheat” with Kami punished as a naughty girl guide!



The above images are taken from a unique girl guide spanking and paddling film of Kami Robertson,. who I have to say made the MOST adorable girl guide I have ever spanked, as you will see… absolutely stunning… and she took quite a pasting too, especially in the scenes you see here with the dreaded bathbrush! I loved this story too, a bonus of working with kami is that she insists on working on a decent storyline and this was a good one. This film is still not available at my main membership site, it is only available at the specialist CLIPS STORE – I have no plans to release this anytime soon so if you want to see this or any of the scenes, do go check it out as it is a cracker!

CLICK HERE to find the exact location of this Kami Girl Guide Film



It would seem appropriate to now reflect on this site  My Spanking Room Mate as it is definitely coming of age with the ongoing series of films in this epic spanking soap opera topping over 100 films! So here area few of my stand out faves which have appeared over the last few years, these are all taken from the vast archive of content and are from the earlier years of this website… not quite retro just yet… but it’s nice to see some faces and bottoms again appearing at this site in this update today, such classic spanking stars such as Snow Mercy, Ariel X, Audrey Knight alongside regulars like Kay Richards and Madison Martin with the welcome guest appearances from Clare Fonda and even Amber Pixie Wells… this is a vastly under rated site – it’s awesome on its own, but beautifully compliments the CLAREFONDAPASS Network – More on this later. For now, check out the free galleries, just click on the images to access these… I have (thoughtfully) included the movie descriptions for your understanding beneath the images as they aren’t always on the free gallery pages! Enjoy…

 EPISODE #61 Madison Dates Mark – 12 Minutes

Madison is 12 minutes late to her meeting with Mark. They agree to date, but he must cure her of this bad habit, so he spanks her, then gives her 12 whacks with the paddle in front of his secretary Cynthia, bringing Madison to tears.

EPISODE #54 Heartbreaker – 30 Minutes

Clare spanks Ashley for the way she dumped her girlfriend Kay. When Amber won’t stand behind her, Clare spanks her, too – then she gives them both a taste of the wooden paddle.

EPISODE #52 Overpowered – 12 Minutes

Chloe tries to spank Snow because she hasn’t paid her rent – but Snow overpowers Chloe and spanks her instead. So Chloe recruits Kailee and they overpower Snow and take turns spanking her – with hand and ping pong paddle.

EPISODE #50 Madison’s Revenge – 8 Minutes

When Madison visits her sister Kailee, Lana begins spanking her again – but Madison convinces her sister to overpower Lana – and they give Lana a taste of her own medicine.

EPISODE #42 Audrey’s Spanking Clause – 12 Minutes

Lawyer Audrey Knight pays a visit to Mr. Ford to get money from him for his spanking of Alanah Rae. Unfortunately for her, she has a clause to waive all claims – and she is spanked by Mr. Ford until she signs the clause.

EPISODE #37 Kay’s Body Guard – 16 Minutes

Kay calls Snow to help her get spanking revenge on Alannah. When Snow and Dee Dee hire Mr. Ford to do the job without paying him, he spanks Snow while she spanks Dee Dee. Finally, Mr. Ford helps Kay give Alannah a hard spanking.

EPISODE #35 Diner Wars – 14 Minutes

Madison rented a diner to shoot model Beverly in – but when Beverly is late, Madison spanks her to teach her about responsibility. If Madison wants Beverly to pose, though, she must submit to a spanking too.

EPISODE #30 Kay Surprises Alanah – 17 Minutes

Kay visits Alanah as she is about to do a photo session dressed as a sexy tennis model. Kay drugs the large and curvey model and spanks her until she tells where Kay’s ex girlfriend’s new love interest is hiding. But Alanah finds a way to spank Kay back.

EPISODE #28 Amber Meets Clare – 13 Minutes

Clare catches Amber spraying the wall. She threatens to turn her in to the police, but Amber will do ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. So Clare marches her up to her room and gives her a very sound spanking before bending her over for some hard whacks with a hairbrush.

EPISODE #22 Mark Tames Faye – 15 Minutes

Mark Johnson manages a nursing home that does business with Madison’s insurance agency. When his girlfriend Faye comes to visit the office, she is extremely bratty. He asks her to behave, and Faye says “what are you gonna do, spank me?” Well, that is exactly what he does.

EPISODE #20 Harmony Busts Ballet Girl – 12 Minutes

Harmony tells Madison to finish her assignment by noon. As soon as she leaves, Madison practices ballet in the alley. Harmony catches her and spanks Madison for this offense, making her pose in various ballet positions, then making her bend over for several swats with a large branch.

EPISODE #19 Ashley Helps Kay Find a Maid – 11 Minutes

Ashley is visiting Kay and she mentions how curious she is about Madison and Kay spanking each other. So Kay shows her what it’s like by putting Ashley over her knee and spanking her. When Ashley asks Kay to stop, she won’t – because she has issues with Ashley – who is Kay’s ex-girlfriend. So she spanks her harder, with hand and brush, teaching Ashley a lesson.

EPISODE #14 Kay is Too Horny – 9 Minutes

Madison catches Kay pleasuring herself with a vibrator in their bed. Madison is upset because she is “not like that” and if they are sharing a bed – there must be no “hanky panky.” Knowing what is to come, Kay gets in a few strokes with a belt before Madison bends Kay over and gives her a sound belting, then takes her over her knee for a hand spanking, bringing Kay to real tears.

Episode #3 MEET HARMONY – 15 Minutes

Madison is really late to work- again. Harmony wants to fire her but Madison asks her to spank me instead? “I know you’re a bitch who looks at my ass and I know you’d be more satisfied beating my ass.” Turns out she was right, Harmony is a sadist who ends with 50 big ones from a yardstick while Madison is bent over the desk. Harmony warned her it would hurt and she wasn’t kidding. The “Spanking Roommate” gets hers.


These are just some of the earlier films I liked and have featured here today… if you check out the home tour pages HERE you can see every continuing storyline in this spanking soap opera from the very 1st episode… and also the girls and guest spankees/spankos that turn up. It’s an impressive list as you’d expect from a Clare Fonda branded site!

& also don’t forget that if you have the time and willpower to download Gigs of spanking smut and HD films then this is just part of the option included with the Clare Fonda Pass – THE mega site pass to own as it has a massive reduction on the combined cost of subscribing to all the sites included. I won’t waffle on about it, I’m sure you are aware… but the brand new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now included as an option making this pass an even more attractive proposition!

Click below to view the very latest episode of Spanking Sorority Girls!




OK… I just watched a real classic… filmed before the digital age took off, this old VHS movie has now been made available as a downlaod at 1stChoiceSpanking.com – one of the homes of classic British spanking retro masterpieces! Every movie at this website is a full length feature, meaning most movies are at least 30 minutes long, many are double that length… and I’m sure many Americans will also love the very plummy accents of the aristocratic ladies… as you’ll see with this film, it’s an English rich bitch spanking epic with a twist… there’s a classy Swedish dame involved in this spanking action too!

Check out the images I have made available and the free clip which shows you just what this film is about!










It’s all happening at Firmhandspanking.com at the moment as the latest 4 updates I have for you are with some new girls and gorgeous spanking talent I just know you will love! See what I mean as I first bring you 2 of the brattiest sisters to deserve a spanking get what’s coming to them in a brand new series “Paind in Full” as these girls, Carina and Beth, have so infuriated their father with their $6,000 debts on each of their cards he employs Mr Bateman, a young firm no nonsense lifestyle coach who teaches the girls that payback is long and painful and they WILL both learn their lesson in respect and what it means to earn a living as these spoilt daddy’s girls get the start of a hard rehabilitation!

Beth (left) and  Carina Thompson – bratty spoilt sisters in “Paid in Full”

Carina looks shocked as she discovers that getting spanked HURTS and pays just $200 off the debt!




Beth smirks as she watched her sister take the 1st spanking…
then that smile soon disappeared when it was her turn!




Check out a special free clip of Carina’s 1st spanking (below)


Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in Cheerleader Captain. To have any hope of getting back her place on squad, she asks to be spanked by Mr Johnson. 31 swats with a leather paddle, 10 bare, bring tears of genuine sorrow and a sore butt. It also happens to be a darned good spanking film!

Kelly looks fantastic in her cheer girl uniform as you’ll see below as she is given her latest punishment, another breath taking discipline film of a great looking girl next door type!




& finally in the girl next door types, in the UK, stunning Belinda Lawson is back in a new schoolgirl series in this classroom detention punishment…

Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!




Check out all the latest updates of the girl next door types – Click Here



E L James 50 Shades trilogy has a lot to answer for this year… coming from nowhere to having virtually every woman reading it, lapping it up. Never has BDSM and submission been so acceptable (OK, the main character is a creep and it’s still pretty tame, but I love the fact chicks are digging the wanton submission thing…)

It’s nice to know your “Yummy Mummy” and average suburban housewife would love to get her rocks off in a similar situation, even if it is just fantasy. So spanking seems to also have a captive market (who’d have guessed?) as girls discover this whole submissive roleplay stuff. Just like the parody that Paul and Lucy cooked up at Northern Spanking recently – I was still umming and ahhing about whether to do it myself at my own site as the hysteria over this trilogy dies down after virtually every woman on the planet that can read has “done it”.

So welcome Scarlot Rose as she attempts to enlist her hubby in spanking her most delicious behind after reading such erotica for herself, and not content with some self spanking, wants to be dominated and spanked by him instead! It’s rather amusing to see his lame reactions as at first, preferring to read his paper… until she is wantonly begging him over the table top to spank and crop her bare behind!!! Now WHO could resist that challenge. I know I am weak, and would fail miserably and spank the heck out of her tight tushy… wouldn’t you?

“What the deuce?”

Images below are what the couple got up to and I have a short but sweet scene from the film – the full film for members shows Scarlot with her knickers removed getting the spanking and riding crop she begs for in a breathless near orgasmic rasp! Safe to say, it’s “Trouser Arousing” material!







Spanking comic strips and drawings let loose the real imagination most of us can not truly replicate on film… it may be a location or the idea, such as these 2 comic strips portray in the institutions of higher academia. Why not dream along with this 1st set of prim school teacher Miss Fitch (this was published about 10 years ago and is typical of the fantastic warped stories that let loose our darkest fantasties of female erotic punishments…courtesy of Brian Tarsis – this was “Dreamwraith”

In another scene taken from artist Aubert in another publication, check out what many an older guy wiill often fantasise about when it comes to scantily clad students! This is a never failing theme as you’ll see from this short spanking and sex excerpt, and I really love the details of these drawings!

Magazines and stories in written form were in the day before the digital revoultion took off… so I know that there are many old scanned copies of all our favourite publications from yesteryear out there, but as some of these companies no longer exist in print or digital form, then this is why I have posted the images above from bygone magazines… you will be glad to know that KANE Magazine is online and carries on the tradition of what made them my first magazine I had ever bought in the early 90’s… see the retro attraction and sign up today and peruse their digital archives for yourselves HERE





I am pleased to announce that a review of the site’s pricing has taken place, we still have our fantastic pricing and simpler memberships in our much vaunted “Fair Price Deal” that is giving something back at no extra cost to YOU! During the build up to Xmas and the New Year this is your chance to book something special as a one off cost which works out at under $8.50 a month to be a member of AAAspanking.com – now with even MORE films and our promise of giving you at least one new film each and every week without fail (we haven’t broken that promise since our inception and nearly 2 years since we started we now have well over 120 films (I haven’t counted, but it is probably many more than that!)

To start with and to suit every pocket… There are categories of NON recurring: pay once only for a month or 3 months… or back by popular demand, the ANNUAL Loyalty Membership! All the prices are extremely fair and this annual membership will be the LAST time we offer it at UNDER $100 for the entire year – our lowest ever offered by us per film ratio and update schedule so it’s extremely and very competitively priced. This membership rewards loyalty by giving you access to the site for as little as under $8.50 per month. A Fair Price Deal, indeed!

Even the standard recurring monthly membership is extremely fair considering the amount of unique content at just $26.95 that reverts to just $24.95 for the lifetime that you might want to remain a member. With in excess of 120+ full length movies, all in HD and for a European site (we all still incur horrendous costs against the US Dollar), this is probably the cheapest and BEST of any deals for a website in our niche with a vast growing archive of unique and home produced HD spanking videos (and much more besides). To see the exact pricing, click the banner below for the join page and see for yourself just how committed we are to bringing you the best possible spanking movies at a price others have had to match! We offer you the chance of not tying you in a non recurring deal if you hate these and give you our LOYALTY membership option! Our way of saying thanks to those that believe in our work 🙂



Sometimes, I just have to do the odd full film review, in this case I have seen many films of the extremely alluring and provocative Paris Kennedy and had watched her 1st films way back with Clare Fonda who had discovered her at 18 years of age and she has now done virtually every fetish known… but what I really love seeing Paris Kennedy perform is a true submissive girl next door look with some great sex scenes thrown in as only she can do! She has made several sex and spanking films with Shadowlane and this one is possibly one of my favourites because of the positions she gets herself into after getting a rather great and prolonged OTK spanking… this is one of the horniest spanking films I have been fortunate to watch… check out the imagery from the film below and the official text of the story… I have added my little recommendation and where you can easily download this film (including a special freeview offer). The full length film is a whopping 50 minutes and I loved every single minute of this film, I am sure you will too! m

Hired for her good looks rather than her housekeeping skills, new domestic Paris spends her first morning at work doing exactly what you’d expect her to do, which is not much. But her boss Butch Simms has guests coming that evening and needs for the house to be perfect, so he keeps following her around and catching her being lazy and inattentive to her duties. Finally, after the third or fourth time she annoys and exasperates him, Simms threatens to spank his new employee, who looks fantastic in her clinging uniform, with her voluptuous bosom (pushing against its buttons), her gracefully tapering waist and her shapely bottom so seductively outlined by her glove-tight skirt. After repeated warning and scoldings, Paris pushes the envelopes a little too far, letting her strict new boss catch her smoking a joint in his back yard. It is all over now but the kicking and screaming.



Butch drags Paris back into the house and straight to his bedroom, administering a good, hard, over the knee spanking to the idle, rule breaking house maid. Paris feels Mr. Simms’ hard hand through her fishnet tights and panties and then on creamy bare bottom, until it is cherry vanilla.

Spanking Paris (and intermittently finger fucking her to wetness) gives Butch a giant erection and another good idea, so taking full advantage of his position, he demands she pleasure him with her sensuous mouth. Paris proves a lot better at giving head than she was at dusting and sweeping and in no time at all her employer’s lusty hard-on grows even more robust.




In characteristic style, Butch initiates several rounds of pile-driving sexual intercourse, in a series of classically revealing positions, all of which expose the ravishing allurements, including the tight, pink pussy, of the fully nude, auburn-haired beauty to perfection. After a number of rounds of vigorous and completely explicit sex, during which the luscious young lady lubricates like crazy, Paris inspires her employer to gush with praise for her, at least in respect to her skills as a partner in bed.




This slightly hard-edged but basically traditional male dominant-female submissive scenario features an adorable gen-x aged spankee enticing, submitting to and subsequently satisfying an athletic, well-endowed and virile older man. It’s Paris Kennedy’s first sex and spanking video and it is drenched with her own brand of Hollywood/LA bad girl charm.

Paris was 1st featured in Shadowlane’s film “The Mischief Makers” which was shot when she had just come out in the scene and started making movies. Six years after that she had become daring enough to star in a movie like this one, playing every spanking man’s costumed fantasy girl, a delicious submissive who goes all the way in a scene!

My view on this film is that the necessary storyline is believable, so I didn’t really want to flick too much ahead as I wanted to see just what a brat Paris was as I knew she was gonna get a damned good spanking and fucking afterwards. Personally, I’d crawl over hot coals to get a chance to film with her… I think this speaks volumes for her acting “talents” and ability to take a good hard spanking whilst being incredibly sexual at the same time… she and this film are a perfect mix of sex and spanking that sometimes I just crave to watch… if this is your thing too, then I have good news for you as this film is available on the Spanking Theater (see the direct film link below) and this special link also includes up to 20 minutes FREE for those that want to watch a movie (incl this one) for any new sign ups! It’s an incredible offer and a way to watch Parid Kennedy and see why I am rating her so highly!





Well, that’s it from me at this blog this year. My aim is to post at least 2 times a week, possibly even more with a choice image I make myself or an amsuing pic etc – even if the posts are short, My New Year resolution here will be to ensure the quality of the posts are worth you coming back for more as I also scour the internet for retro images as well as some great spanking updates and reviews from the recent past. Have a fantastic New Year everyone!



Piracy Issues

October 30, 2012 By: Chief Category: General 8 Comments →

Well, I took this badly earlier today, when one prolific sharer of content who owns a forum (I’m sure he or his cohorts will be reading or showing this and I don’t care as it has really upset me and I am thinking of not continuing at this rate). Life is too short and I am not here to provide talentless sharers with easy pickings from my hard earned work, they know NOTHING about the hassles of arranging a shoot: The many cancellations, the agony of getting models to commit or turn up, and that is before we start filming, find locations and get everything organised, take time away from my dayjob losing valuable holiday time in the process. The travel, the sometimes shitty locations I have turned up at or travelled back from, sleepless… nearly killing myself once in the process by crashing my car on the motorway last year (remember that?)… nope, and then there’s the full day or 2 filming, it can be fun, of course it is, but it’s very involved and can get quite stressful… then the post shoot editing and planning, updating the site and promoting the content, dealing with hosting companies and of course the endless expenses and checking the balance sheets to see if it’s an operation I can continue with or keep funding out of my own other income (which is kind of what I am doing at the moment). I have a tax return in January and I have no idea if I can pay it off from this either as things have been so tight this year with more expenses such as cameras and laptops/PCs going down on me, not to mention editing and photo software packages which are a rip off but necessary in this business! What do pirates and upload monkeys do? Hmmm, precisely that, none of the above, they just take take take and that’s it… then just wait for their quota of hits to earn money ILEGALLY (I won’t bother arguing with them over this, it is illegal and they know that, end of). From 2008 onwards this has become a problem with more and more filelockers getting on the piracy gravytrain, fortunately this model of sharing is starting to get bitten back as their income streams are targeted and I know for a fact it is a short matter of time before VISA and Mastercard close this crappy loophole (there will be others, sure…)

As more people find it harder and harder to justify signing up, that means they start to look for free content, I understand that. But we as producers really try to offer decent value, compare it to the early years of the internet and what you would get price wise compared to now! & look at the choice out there! However, prolific sharing in our small niche really does kill off future ideas and shoots for me and has once again made me question why I am doing this when I see the “Kami Submissive Maid” film now in the hands of one of the worst spanking site sharers out there. Anyway, I have pleaded with members in my site area not to share content, apart from them being able to be traced, I don’t like getting nasty with people like that but will contact them and then the billing agent and their future sign ups at any site will be locked and that’s it, they would find it harder to sign up themselves to any site I have put the latest stuff into the hands of the companies and sites that deal with this, more expense which I can do without, of course… and it’s a shame that I have to write this first before updating my blog with promotional updates I hope some of you find interesting and perhaps would like to support them by signing up for a membership (my site included).
Why? Because without membership sign ups sites like mine and the other spanking producers can not continue. they think we are all loaded or something, so why am I working my ass off in my other job and neglecting blogging as a consequence? I think that tells it all… every film you download HELPS them achieve their greedy quota. I admit not all pirates and sharers are interested in this, but it also means their behaviour fuels the greed of those who do this for a living in their shitty hovel countries in the east as they will download then UPLOAD their own links making the films more available. I felt like making the fucking film available free as a gesture, but it would get abused, such is the digital life nowadays.

Yours, extremely disappointed and disillusioned.