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Sophie Keagan’s 1st Spanking Film

April 08, 2015 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Film Review No Comments →

This was Sophie’s 1st ever spanking film anywhere online. She wasn’t shy at all, having starred in some naughty hardcore films and had been spanked at home by her partner as she had explained in her interview before we got her to pose provocatively for the cameras, showing us her amazing butt and allowing us to “test the goods” in this spanking introduction. We got to see if Sophie could take a spanking as we would be filming her all day! Sophie was fantastic and more than proved that she could take pretty much anything as you will see in this clip. See where Sophie started with this surprising red bottom spanking that she got from her introduction: it really was a very spankable ass which was hard to resist smacking more!

Hot lingerie spanking of Sophie Sophie Keagan Sophie poses for the camera sophie03 whooty Bubble Butt Spankable booty Sophie gets spanked sophie06a hand spanking ass spankings Sophie Keagan spanked in lingerie close up spanking red sore ass close up

This version is in 1280×720 HD-WMV Playback

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Miss Knows Best!

October 04, 2012 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Movie Reviews, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

Don’t you just love seeing schoolgirls getting their comeuppance? In this stunning full film of Aleesha Fox (who I have to say looked amazing as a naughty schoolgirl) she ticked every red blooded male (and female) ideas of a sassy schoolgirl who is about to be punished. And who better to catch out Aleesha than the equally stunning Zoe Page who took no nonsense from a girl who stashed away a load of cigarettes at the Dormitory outside in the garden only for Miss Page to find the illicit contraband and replace it with some nasty spanking implements… oh the surprise and shock at what was to come!

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Exclusive Spanking Clips

September 09, 2011 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

Shhh! Here’s a secret spanking update no one else will have as it’s just been released & stars Kami Robertson in a cracking role as a girl guide thrashed severely for cheating! Read on, it’s a little “belter” (literally)…

I’m posting this at my other blogs as well as here as I wanted to quickly show you just what is available outside of AAAspanking at the moment but produced by us and currently only available from the Clips Store as way of making our little store a little more interesting! There are already several exclusive clips starring Jasmine Lau, Sarah Gregory and 1st shows with Leia Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen… (please do check out the “Cake Boy” film too which I loved making!) well… now there’s a brand new full movie or clips option – of Kami Robertson… we will eventually show this on the main site but it could be several months yet… and we are planning on showcasing more content here as well as providing the HD movies on our main site, so there’s lots of exclusively produced spanking goodness going on for those just after the odd film or 2 every now and then and some of these will not be available anywhere but this store making it a more attractive proposition to visit, I hope!

Now… I have to say seeing Kami in that British authentic blue Girl Guides uniform getting thrashed… well! *swoon*

Wait…! I *DID* see her, in fact, I did much more than that and gave her a thorough spanking, strapping and used the dreaded bath brush on her tight pert behind! Seriously, Kami has the perkiest butt… wiggling provocatively as it is punished, I hope those of you who check out this movie will agree! Sorry to tease you all, but here are a few images taken directly from this movie available in MP4 format to download HERE


Kami Robertson – possessor of one of the most spankable butts in Britain: FACT!



OK, it wouldn’t be fair of me not to give you a decent little preview, but remember that the full film is well over 15 minutes long and there’s some great strapping and bath brush punishment scenes, the below is only a taster of what you can expect! Enjoy! I most certainly did!

 The FULL Movie also comes in 2 shorter parts, the decision what to download is yours!


Spanking Classics to view download & keep

August 17, 2011 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Movie Reviews, Pay per Download No Comments →

NaughtyBottom has probably the best value pay per download options that seems so popular nowadays, and I have chosen justa few, some have multiple films and images sets, others cost under $5 and have just the films but they all have one things in common, the films are classics and shot and uploaded in the best possible formats available from the time they were filmed!

The full list of films available are featured inside the banner above

I’ll let you decide for yourselves and there’s a free movie preview of the actual films so you can see the type of movies and film you’d expect… without the hassle of any worry about memberships, or recurring fees and all that nonsense some people are STILL to this day concerned with, even though the majority of websites nowadays are secure and safe and don’t rip you off with difficult to find cancel links and such… Naughty Bottom still provides you with this easy option, you pay once and can’t be rebilled… simples!

Sample films below (some of my current faves including one with me as “the caned master” which I enjoyed starring in immensely!

There is also a new Naughtybottom Clips Store offering another way to view this content and it will be updating on a regular basis as well!