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Spanking Samantha Woodley

June 03, 2016 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

It’s been sometime since I last wrote here so am unsure how many people come check to see if there’s anything new… well, I had been so busy I was wondering if it was worth keeping this blog open. However, I like to think that some retro sites and fantastic films and series from over 5 years ago could get a mention here… so I’m back – here we are again… and who better than the beautiful and astounding Samantha Woodley… most of her work you will find at Firm hand Spanking with untold Gigs of content – there is no other site that has this amount of samantha’s films. She is one of my all time favorite spanking models – anywhere on the internet!

I also love the style of Eric Strickman (I met him at a Shadowlane Party, or was it Lonestar? Jeez, my mind is a blur with parties, LOL) He’s a cool guy in real life and you know the ladies have had a spanking after going over his lap!… so I think this is a good start, what do you think?

Samantha Woodley – learning curve series from 5 years ago (June 2011)

spanking samantha woodley

tlc_h003 tlc_h004

otk spanking

tlc_h008 tlc_h009


hand spanking


tlc_h012 tlc_h014


hard spanking

tlc_h019 tlc_h022

furious spanking


Eric Strickman tries to set a record for the highest number of smacks per minute! Hot Samantha Woodley takes a fast and furious over-the-knee spanking, pj’s down, when he finds alcohol in her room in Learning Curve. Slung over his shoulder, she’s marched down for punishment!


firm hand spanking