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Schoolgirl Spanking Classic

September 29, 2015 By: Chief Category: Uncategorized No Comments →

I was wondering what else I could quickly update this blog with and remembered a striking OTK spanking movie I had watched not too long ago when I had a look through one of my many external hard drives packed with spanking smut! I came across this classic and it was a good hard no nonsense humiliating scolding and traditional spanking punishment of a mother/daughter style – filmed in the morning before her daughter (played here by Sophie) was due to go to school.


Mother (played by Shanelle van Dyer) was not impressed and even discussing what she was going to do with Sophie whilst on the phone… a little bit humiliating! I’ll let you see some of the images and a short promo clip that best highlights the punishment. These are old classic films so are not in HD but I still found this (and the many others I watched) hugely enjoyable and entertaining to watch!


I’d put this film at around 2003, maybe even a little earlier, just before I started to get involved with the online side of things way back then… I never met Sophie (featured here) but I had met Shanelle many times and liked her style of ritual scolding and spanking… she was pretty scary and VERY convincing… I sometimes wonder if she is still around and willing to film. I think she’d make an excellent addition to the SG network┬ádon’t you? Getting back to Sophie… she stars in dozens of films at Spanked-Cutie.com – it’s the site I’m showcasing today. Check it out… especially if you want to see more content like this which is pretty typical with some really good punishment films that still test the onslaught of time!

Punished and Spanked before School

a02 a03 a04 otk SPANKING a07 a08 spanking a10

bare bottom otk spanking

a12 a12a a13 a14

Check out the free clip below of Sophie’s spanking punishment

[jwplayer mediaid=”3961″]

sore red bottom



Spanking Archives with Michaela McGowen

September 26, 2015 By: Chief Category: Uncategorized No Comments →

I make no secret that I miss Michaela McGowen and appreciate that any model will not be around for ever so we were lucky to have such a hot beautiful and sexy girl such as Michaela work for Firmhandspanking.com and produce many lovely spanking films for as long as she did! She switched in some shoots but her beautiful bottom often went to waste and it was (probably still is) one of THE most spankable bottoms ever filmed. Here is a typical (and probably ordinary) film in which she starred in one of her many “Nanny” series… I want to bring over the point that this was a run of the mill film yet Michaela – as ever- looked STUNNING! Thsi was her draw at the time… she could be in anything and make it a winner of a film. This particular filmshoot was with another model I liked (who looked HOT in a cheer girl outfit, actually) being spanked over the knee of Lizzy Masterson. I may remember her at some point as I have all these memories of Lizzy getting spanked in her cheer girl outfit – oh my!

Anyway, here is Michaela McGowen… spanked OTK (over jeans and then her bare bottom) by a furious Lizzy!


mic_bl002 mic_bl004

mic_bl005 mic_bl007


spanking mic_bl012

mic_bl013 mic_bl015

spanking Michaela mcGowen

mic_bl017 bathbrush OTK spanking

OTK spanking mic_bl023


Check out the free clip below and marvel at the beauty of Michaela’s beautiful wobbling bottom… it really was a one of a kind!

[jwplayer mediaid=”3941″]