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Classic Schoolgirl Spanking & Caning

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Here’s something from the past… but it still looks every bit as good today! It also features 2 very well known girls, Nicky Montford… and Emma Brown. If ever you *had* to punish 2 schoolgirls in their authentic school uniforms… then this would be a perfect pair to hone your caning skills on! These 2 could take it and you will see their bottoms are turning nicely red in this free clip I have as well as a few images taken directly from the film. It’s one of 100’s you can download with your membership, so if you fancy a return to old fashioned English discipline, check out these remastered videos, many are nearly an hour long, for that “old school” discipline movie that nobody makes nowadays as the internet has changed… but these are still a great addition to add to your collection of schoolgirl spanking erotica. This site is still distinctive and worth a look!


2 3

4 5

The girls take a hard spanking punishment on their bare bottoms

spanking 7


9 10

11 12

13 14 15

16 17


Check out the free clip of this film (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”3814″]



Spanking Penny Stone

April 23, 2015 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

I wanted to quickly review the archives of Punishedbrats.com and one of the outstanding performers from the last couple of years was/is Penny Stone – she played one of their most iconic schoolgirl spanking role fantasies I can remember at this website – and it’s no wonder she got joint 1st placing for BEST SPANKEE NEWCOMER 2014 when the voting was made. Take a look for yourself, the site has plenty of schoolgirl spanking erotic storylines with good hard punishments and authentic looking uniforms. Penny really took it hard in these 2 scenarios I have for you (below):

Schoolgirl Penny punished by the dean with a hard heavy strapping


Penny had been through much over the past few days. She was aware that the Dean was returning from his vacation to deal with the disaster that this cyberpunk had caused. Penny thought that she had been severely punished by Agent Audrey and Doctor Valentine. How much worse could a spanking punishment from Dean Pierson be?


02-barebottom-strapping 03-penny-stone


As Penny entered the office she greeted the Dean but her eyes were drawn to a thick, menacing looking strap in Dean Pierson’s hands. Penny’s confidence quickly faded as she was instructed to remove her skirt and bend over the punishment stool. In many ways, Dean Pierson regretted having to punish this brilliant young woman is such a harsh manner, However, he had been informed by Agent Audrey that Miss Stone needed to be dissuaded from future attempts at violating governmental security systems or she and her colleagues would. With that in mind, the dean lowered Penny’s leotards and that strap landed with the force and sound of a lightning bolt. Penny shouted as the leather implement, that hadn’t punished a student at this intuition since the middle of the last century, landed on her bare bottom time and again, leaving nasty looking red welts and Penny Stone in tears.

 04-spanking-punishment 06-bare-ass-strapping


As the large, heavy strap fell, time and again, upon Penny’s naked bottom, so loud were her cries that they reverberated through the entire campus. At this point, Penny wondered if this was a better punishment than being water-boarded at the hands of Miss Audrey and her minions? After several minutes of severe punishment the dean noted that he felt merciful and would end Miss Stone’s torment with but twenty more hard swats. Penny failed to see how this was an act of mercy. She wondered how she could last through another twenty lashes with that vile implement? She was instructed to count each swat and thank her disciplinarian after each stoke or the entire punishment would resume again from the beginning. Following her ordeal Penny was made to lie in place and not move until she was retrieved. The implement that caused her so much pain was placed on her lower back. If it was to fall off she would receive another twenty. While laying motionless over the punishment stool, the young cyberpunk wondered what punishment yet awaited her?

09-real-school-discipline 10-painful-spanking-discipline-schoolgirl

11-punished-schoolgirl 12-red-sore-spanked-bottom

13-schoolgirl-strapping 14-SCHOOLGIRL-STRAPPING-SPANKED-HARD

Poor Penny endures a tear jerking harsh strapping until her firm schoolgirl bubble butt turns a shameful dark angry red! See Penny’s magnificent buttocks turning red at Punished Brats Here



In the 2nd schoolgirl punishment of Penny (from the Cyber Punk series) she is punished by Michael Valentine. You will see Penny’s beautifully generous rump paddled with a nasty looking heavy wooden paddle with blistering results!


After the Punishment she received from Agent Audrey and the bare bottom spanking that she received from her mentor, Penny Stone, the Cyberpunk who hacked into the nations defense system simply to prove that she could, entered Dr. Valentine’s office at the appointed time expecting the worst. She fantasized that Dr. Valentine would admonish her for her behavior and send her on her way. When she saw her mentor holding two ominous looking wooden paddles Penny was filled with dread.

17penny 18pennystone

20pennystone 21pennystone


“Are you ready for today’s punishment,” Dr. Valentine asked of his protégée, in whom he was very displeased. Penny pleaded with her disciplinarian, “Please sir, not with that!” Unmoved, the professor placed Penny over a set of library stairs, raised her skirt and lowered her leotards, exposing her bottom. At first, all Penny could think of was how she was there, bent over, her bare bottom exposed to Dr. Valentine. Soon her concerns were less about that pertaining to her dignity, but how she could survive the pain she was enduring as the wooden paddle descended upon her naked bottom, over and over.

22pennystone 23pennystone

24pennystone 25pennystone

As that hard wooden paddle struck Penny’s naked bottom over and over, she could not restrain the cries emanating from deep within. “I promise never to do it again,” said the cyberpunk in an effort to stop this onslaught of pain. Instead of relief, Penny knew that worse was coming when Dr. Valentine made her hand him the large school paddle.

27pennystone 28pennystone

Several BURNING whacks with this large wooden plank made Penny’s voice reverberate through the entire student campus. After her punishment, the now contrite hacker, was left whimpering in the corner with a hugely red sore bottom!


Penny Stone’s fantastic spanking films are found at PunishedBrats.com



Adriana’s 3rd & Final Spanking Punishment

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This is classic Shadowlane and with newcomer to this well known site, Adriana Evans, along with spanking stalwart, Miss Chris, makes for a thrilling finale. Miss Chris is the fiery top NOT to be trifled with… Adriana soon learns another hard lesson, for the 3rd and final time! Again she is stripped and strapped naked as you’ll see below. Miss Chris doesn’t mince words and takes out her frustration on this feisty minx with a severe and nasty punishment that has Adriana sobbing by the end of it! Compelling viewing from the one and only Shadowlane.com – makers of fine spanking erotica for nearly 30 years!

Adriana Evans is about to get a spanking again

As Adriana can’t resist one last dig at her staid friend’s house rules, Miss Chris finds it necessary to pull the sexy minx over her lap one final time, and turn Adriana’s voluptuous pink bottom an even more pleasing shade of rose. Finally, the spanked, strapped, paddled and spanked again Adriana is ordered to put her clothes back on and try to behave for the rest of the day. True enthusiast Miss Chris, is the toppy spanking girl friend every spanking submissive wishes they had. She spanks thoroughly and hard, but always communicates her love and caring. Adriana Evans, a smoldering siren of French-Brazilian descent, radiates an incandescent sexuality mingled with lovable girl next-door mischief. She’s everything any spanking fan could ever ask for.

stripped naked OTK paddling

OTK spanking

Adriana is spanked bent over fully nude and thrashed

paddled by her girlfriend

sexy hard wooden paddle punishment bubble butt and long legs

nice booty spanking

CLICK HERE to view this latest Video Update

punished a 3rd time at Shadowlane

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Sophie Keagan’s 1st Spanking Film

April 08, 2015 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Film Review No Comments →

This was Sophie’s 1st ever spanking film anywhere online. She wasn’t shy at all, having starred in some naughty hardcore films and had been spanked at home by her partner as she had explained in her interview before we got her to pose provocatively for the cameras, showing us her amazing butt and allowing us to “test the goods” in this spanking introduction. We got to see if Sophie could take a spanking as we would be filming her all day! Sophie was fantastic and more than proved that she could take pretty much anything as you will see in this clip. See where Sophie started with this surprising red bottom spanking that she got from her introduction: it really was a very spankable ass which was hard to resist smacking more!

Hot lingerie spanking of Sophie Sophie Keagan Sophie poses for the camera sophie03 whooty Bubble Butt Spankable booty Sophie gets spanked sophie06a hand spanking ass spankings Sophie Keagan spanked in lingerie close up spanking red sore ass close up

This version is in 1280×720 HD-WMV Playback

See MORE of Sophie Keagan's spanking HERE


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