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Lost Amber Pixie Wells Film is Found!

January 31, 2015 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

Good news! Although I doubt we will see much of Pixie ever getting spanked on camera nowadays… it is nice when David from Punishedbrats.com FOUND an old unedited video of Pixie at the height of her fame as a spankee! What’s even better is that is has been edited to the best possible standard, even though it was from an old tape camera and probably filmed well over 5 years ago or more… it’s a joy to see and of course there are the many stills images like the ones I have for you here too! What a perfect mix up with the current crop of brats. I am currently also reviewing some of my films I made from well over 3 years ago that still haven’t made it up so will be giving them some priority over the next few months before all the filming I have planned in February & March takes place as I will want to showcase that off then!

Okay, so let’s start with this trip down memory lane with Pixie and Veronica Bound doing the spanking! This is from a film now out in full, called “Veronica’s Job”



By special request, another in the series of recently discovered Pixie videos have been made available. This is one of David Pierson’s favorites, too. He upgraded the video as best as he could and converted it to MP4. You will also find both photographs and video grabs inside the Members Area.






Pixie had always been an entitled brat who could be very rude to Veronica, her nanny. One day Veronica instructed that it was time to put away her cell phone and do her homework. Pixie’s response was to pop a large hunk of bubble gum into her mouth and then to throw the wrapper on the floor while instructing Veronica to pick it up. The only thing that was picked up was Pixie, who found herself over Veronica’s lap. Earlier in the day, Veronica had been promoted to head of the household- and that included the discipline of this brat. Veronica noted that she wasn’t spanking Pixie for tossing the wrapper on the floor, rather it was for two decades of bad behavior.

Check out this full film HERE

Full month memberships start from as little as $17/month!



To those in America, enjoy “Superbowl Weekend”


I will root for the Patriots since they have the name “England” in them!
That will probably be the kiss of death 🙂


Review of early Penny Stone Spankings

January 05, 2015 By: Chief Category: Film Review, Severe Punishments No Comments →

It would appear that before joint winner of the “Spankee of the Year 2014”, Penny Stone. had in fact travelled to Florida to experience Dallas’ hard hands at his site HERE and some of his favorite implements in a few series of films before we got to know much more of her at Punishedbrats.com where I think most people have become familiar with her recently. In one such film that I am featuring today, Penny’s appearance with Dallas was solely based on the punishment of a brat (hmm, something she can do well, lol) – in fact, she plays a Hollywood starlet who learns some valuable life lessons over the lap and under the strong hurtful hands of Dallas. Now I was surprised that he didn’t even get a mention in the male spankers rating, he always used to be there or thereabouts… so this is my way of recognizing that perhaps he should have been there, but when the Spanking Awards nominations were open to the public I did warn people that they HAD to nominate or their fave scenes/stars etc. might get missed out!


So here is Penny Stone in the role as the Spanked Starlet



spanked-starlet2_04 spanked-starlet2_05 spanked-starlet2_07 spanked-starlet2_09


spanked-starlet2_16 spanked-starlet2_17 spanked-starlet2_18 spanked-starlet2_19


Penny has much shorter hair currently, but you can see just from these images alone how good this film looked, can’t you? Dallas and wooden implements are never a great combination for any young lady’s bare bottom as (no doubt) Penny would let you know! See MORE of Penny’s work in this early exclusive series of films which compliments a great site that is DallasSpanksHard.com