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Archive for December, 2014

Special Feature on Debbie Fraser

December 29, 2014 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download, Severe Punishments No Comments →


Proud American brat Debbie Fraser is about to be broken on the Horse of Doom. Unknown to her she hasn’t realised just how exposed her bottom will be when she is prostrate over the old gym horse! With her full globes fully exposed she is put through a gruelling punishment with a finale caning scene that brings her to real tears! Debbie proves that some Yanks can take a hard Brit punishment! Don’t miss this film fully remastered for the very 1st time! This final film compliments the other 3 films which you also get to download and keep in this very special Collectors Edition.

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Cupcake gets a spanking off her Mom

December 22, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

Here is something special today… a new spanking story line up at Spanked Sweeties – Cupcake’s strict Mom is frightening and doesn’t mess about when it comes to punishing her. Mother takes her across her knees and spanks her bouncing bared cheeks very hard with her hand and then paddled her across her sore red bottom until it started to blister shamefully!


The paddle comes from feared implement maker, Caniac… and it is one this author has used many times so knows just how devastating and ouchy this thuddy wooden implement can be… it is no picnic!!! Designed with the air holes for added “ooomph!” on impact!


New black model, Cupcake, is a pro sub who works at Sanctuary LAX, this is an infamous LA dungeon where many girls gets recruited to appear on Sweeties. She can take an amazing spanking, which she does from Lana Miller. Cupcake explains in her interview how she was not spanked growing up – but learned to enjoy spankings as a young adult. Lana plays her mother in this opening story for a role-play and also re-enacts her interview process at the dungeon for our benefit.


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