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Archive for June, 2014

Japanese Spanking Archives

June 16, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

Ye Olde Japanese Spanking Archives!


Here is a simple reminder of just how awesome this archive of Japanese Spanking Erotica still rocks. It looks as if the site Cutie Spankee has stopped updating again, but it is far from dead and if you have not visited this site for a few years or have never viewed it, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how many full films and image sets there are! From about 10 years of updates so it’s a massive site and I would only recommend this as a chance to view and download the film data if you’ve never visited the site before, but it is worth every single penny if you are into beautiful girl on girl punishments, featuring real shame, panties down punishments with various implements (I particularly liked the paddling films as these are not as tame as some would think!). Below are some hot scenes covering all manner of traditional, domestic, school and workplace spanking punishment and erotica.

All stunning spanking images are courtesy of Cutiespankee.com


bs_b_01 bs_b_02


bs_c_01 bs_c_02



bs_e_01 bs_e_02



bs_f_01 bs_f_02 bs_f_03

bs_f_04 bs_j_01 bs_j_02

bs_j_03 bs_j_04

bs_l_01 bs_l_02

bs_l_03 bs_l_04 bs2009_a01


bs2009_a04 bs2009_a03

bs2009_b01 bs2009_b02 bs2009_b03


bs2009_f01 bs2009_f02 bs2009_f03


bs2009_g01 bs2009_g02 bs2009_g03

bs2009_g04 bs2009_n01 bs2009_n02



prv_b prv_c prv_d


prv_f prv_g prv_h


There’s plenty more stunning images and films available to download now HERE


Embarrassing Prison Punishments

June 03, 2014 By: Chief Category: Severe Punishments No Comments →

A rare look at the best all girls prison and punishment spanking website out there… Bars-and-Stripes.com – no site comes close to their unique incarceration methods and style of often sadistic and ruthless discipline of the girls who are caught up and detained in this most wicked of punishment prisons. It’s a Reformatory, but through corporal punishment, humiliation and subservience… I love this site and I really should promote it more, I hope this little taster of a classic with the cruel prison wardens, matron and  2 hapless inmates… yes, one is the lovely Kami Robertson featured here (many of the UK’s top spanking models have all had spells inside this infamous set up!) – so between matron’s unfair inspections and her own unique methods… and the wardens who punish these girls to pass the time, looking for the merest infractions… life inside this jail is no picnic as you’ll see below: This is a classic taken from the site, all images are reduced in size from the originals that members get to view along with the HD films.

kami2_torturefortwo - 003

kami2_torturefortwo - 007 kami2_torturefortwo - 012

kami2_torturefortwo - 028

kami2_torturefortwo - 033 kami2_torturefortwo - 038

kami2_torturefortwo - 040

kami2_torturefortwo - 060 kami2_torturefortwo - 069

kami2_torturefortwo - 087

kami2_torturefortwo - 093 kami2_torturefortwo - 094

kami2_torturefortwo - 111

kami2_torturefortwo - 112 kami2_torturefortwo - 114

kami2_torturefortwo - 117

kami2_torturefortwo - 121 kami2_torturefortwo - 128

kami2_torturefortwo - 132

To see the full films of the prison spanking punishments CLICK HERE