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Archive for February, 2014

Retired Neighbour’s Troublesome Cleaners

February 14, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews, Retro Spanking No Comments →

Released in full last month, the subject of this title revolves around 3 poorly trained cleaners that are not doing their job at this old school retired man’s house… however, his old doddery ways should not be ignored as this elderly chap is an old school disciplinarian… and he soon has these 3  (gorgeous) girls crying and squirming with embarrassment at trying to fool the “old duffer” when he punishes them in front of each other.

The girls are lined up and confronted by the elderly man…


He doesn’t spare the rod at all… using his hand, a strap and the cane which really does do a great job of leaving his mark. this movie also features a rare appearance of a beautiful French girl called Chloe, who, at the start of the Millenium, had one of the sexiest, most spankable butts in the business… it is a great shame she is no longer in the scene, but you can discover why she was such good viewing. Add this to the snivelling and wincing from the other girls and this long play movie, one of 100’s of classics you can download in full remastered glory… makes this a great site to check out! I have some smaller size screen shots and a free clip to showcase this fantastic spanking movie (below)

retired003 retired004


retired007 retired008

retired009 retired010


retired013 retired014 retired019


retired020 retired022 retired015

Check out the free trailer clip (below)

Check out MORE of the full movie preview galleries below:



Classic Teen Bailey

February 09, 2014 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews No Comments →

This classic look back at the SpankingBailey.com site takes in 3 great films with her usual adversaries, Mr Daniels and Mrs Burns… between them they accounted for a lot of her punishments as you’ll see from the sample images below: Bailey Sullivan must have made an awful lot of content as her site is still being updated weekly… what’s more, what I like about this site is that for under $25 you get access to 4 sites, including Spanking teen Jessica and Brandi… but they are usually better known so I wanted to concentrate on showing you just how good Bailey looked getting punished… so beautifully and naturally submissive, playing the bratty schoolgirl, dorm girl and naughty girl next door… until she became contrite and learned her lesson – the hard way!

Bailey answers back in a dorm room inspection when she refused to get rid of her oversized teddybear… Mr Daniels knows just what to do as you’ll see below!


3129_016 3129_028

3129_041 3129_081

3129_085 3129_090

3129_091 3129_099


Here we see Bailey in a detention punishment with Mr Daniels… using the dreaded and rather painful Lexan Paddle… Bailey takes the humiliating punishment over his lap for an OTK paddling before she is stood up and made to bend over so Mr Daniels can use more force to bring his point across!


6527_010 6527_011

6527_034 6527_037


6527_050 6527_064

6527_067 6527_076


Mrs Burns is a fearsome adversary… her scoldings and put downs are legendary… poor Bailey knew she would be in for a tough time when they had to have a chat first before the reason and why she was going to be punished was explained in advance… this of course added to her own apprehension and fears over what implements might be used on her bare bottom this time… as Mrs Burns had an awesome array!


7414_016 7414_038

7414_044 7414_045

7414_050 7414_059


This is but a mere glimpse into what still goes on at SpankingBailey.com – and with the other sites, is sure to keep you busy downloading lots of movies and images sets. It’s still a group of sites I love to bits as the punishments are very real, severe and above all… really convey the emotions on both sides of a punishment perfectly… Bailey is a natural for this, as you’ll discover

Take a look at her site HERE (and see the other options which are included too!)



Aruba… Aruba!

February 06, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

Hmmm… sunny warm mild Aruba?


or Plymouth battered by severe storms and sea levels over 20 ft above the norm?


Hmmm, I’m still deciding…


Let me think about that as an even worse storm is fast approaching us now!

This weather is making me depressed… more storms and sea walls falling apart along our coastlines expected in the next 24 hours. So imagine when I remembered a conversation I had with Sarah Gregory in December, she was talking to me about taking skin protection if I laid out in the sun when we go away somewhere hot, as I like to from time to time… so seeing Sarah with lovely white tan lines and being a little too burnt on her back from laying in the sun in that position (I shall have to remind her of that) warmed me up and gave me an excuse to spank her when I next see her… I also liked the way she tried to get into the bath with Kat who just wanted some alone time… but Sarah persisted in a bratty sassy manner and carried on removing her clothes despite Kat telling her she wasn’t gonna get in “no matter what…” and Sarah carried on and ignored her pleas. It sort of reminded me of this clip of Tom Tucker (temporary stepdad) to Peter Griffin in Family Guy, it’s hilarious, check out the sheer sass and selfish bratty attitude from Peter – Sarah’s behaviour reminded me of that too, lol!

 OK… so let’s get on with the reminder about what the girls got up to in those warmer winter months a few years ago… it’s a sexy girl girl spanking and I love bath tub spankings anyway… Sarah agrees to get spanked if she can share the tub with Kat! That is the “Price” that she has to pay: Honestly… Who can blame her?

0062_pay_the_price_gal1-004 0062_pay_the_price_gal1-015


0062_pay_the_price_gal1-024 0062_pay_the_price_gal1-029


0062_pay_the_price_gal2-025 0062_pay_the_price_gal2-027

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat. Check out a free spanking clip of these 2 HOT girls together as Kat gets to spank naughty Sarah…


Sarah gets to slyly spank Kat back… as Miss St James had got all excited playing with Sarah… as you would imagine. What a pair of very naughty girls they were! Of course, it goes without saying that many such films should contain the #TrouserArousal warning for those of us in the unfortunate position of watching films in tighter fitting undergarments… please do loosen these before watching the full films, thank you! I just know that you will love seeing them together, there are many more films featuring both these 2 hot babes at SarahGregorySpanking.com