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The Many Punishments of Sarah Bright

January 31, 2014 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

Sarah Bright is known today as a fearsome female top… however, at her own dedicated site HERE you more often see her doing just that, being mean to girls and giving them as hard a spanking as any man! However, Sarah is a switch so she still embraces her submissive side and I for one am glad she does, even though she admitted on her own sites not too long ago that she felt self conscious about her fluctuating weight. Well, this is the beauty of time, Sarah’s weight did fluctuate, but she was always a beautiful top or sub and that bubble butt was aching for a severe punishment. Below are some earlier images of Sarah from the archives of her site, you’ll notice the varying hairstyles and thrashed butts, but I think she looks great in all of them. One thing Sarah doesn’t do anymore is a sort of sex and spanking scenario that she used to film… I understand that you may not want your little ones to see that at some point later in life… so I won’t focus on anything like that… instead, you can see that sort of thing if you like realistic suburban sex and spanking scenes in the vast archives – but let’s celebrate Sarah’s spanking achievements over the years…

npp957037 npp957060


npp957068 npp957085

Early on Sarah was not afraid to show off herself intimately… and why not? She’s gorgeous!

npp1008021 npp1008017

npp1008014 npp1008024 npp1008033

npp1008039 npp1008048

Mr Stern & Sarah are real life partners… so he often gets the best out of their domestic scenarios!

npp3077029 npp3077039

npp3077049 npp3077057


npp3077062 npp3077073 npp3077075

Now this was shown about 18 months ago, maybe longer (below) … but it gives you an idea that Sarah STILL gets her punishments as well as being a very accomplished Top herself… she excels as teachers in trouble as you’ll see in this wonderful 2 part series that I remember well!


npp-4073020 npp-4073027

npp-4073044 npp-4073046

Headmistress Sarah is a firm believer in corporal punishment and has administered it to a young lady that day. Now an angry parent is at the school and is demanding that Sarah takes the same punishment she dished out. An argument and something of a struggle takes place before Sarah finds herself face down on a vaulting horse being spanked and paddled. Then to add to the humiliation she has to push her bare bottom in the air for a terrible hard beating.


The second and the most painful part, for Sarah, of her latest film The tables are turned. An irate parent has turned up at the school and has given her a terrible spanking and paddling. He is not satisfied that his message has got through to strong willed teacher Sarah Bright and so is determined to take the ultimate step. Miss Bright is made to kneel on the gym horse, bottom well in the air. Having selected the heaviest cane available from the schools collection  and he administers a devastating caning leaving Sarah sorry and well marked on her beautiful botto

npp4074006 npp4074021

npp4074026 npp4074031

Want top see more? Check out Sarah’s site that offer full HD Clip Previews HERE


Galas Looner at BunBeatingFun

January 28, 2014 By: Chief Category: Film Review, Movie Reviews No Comments →

As promised, I am back sooner than the 3 or 4 months like last time (just a day… impressive, eh?) and with something shown about 4 years ago from the most excellent spanking site BunBeatingFun.com – Greg is the owner and kinky mastermind behind this site: employing a long lost technique of how to deal with real bratty models… he gives them something they should have had a long long time ago… a good old fashioned hand spanking. Now the premise of his site was to lure cheap ass models to some fleapit motel and have them complain and bitch about the “photoshoot” when in fact the real reason they were there was for him to save the day and sort them out – “spanking stylee”. Almost invariably all spankings are done by hand, the models are often stripped and get a good bun blistering over his knee. Greg has been known as “The Mystery Spanker” or TMS – it’s another quirk that he enjoys… however, more recently he has also employed an equally hard and mean hand… Mr TMS2 as I like to call him… and he is the spanker in this film. It is indeed all good fun… and although it looks highly un-PC… come on… it is actually a darned fine idea that has served Greg and co well for many years. The model featured here was, at the time… unknown to those in the spanking fraternity… her name is Galas Looner and it seems this gal really does like a spanking as she has since starred at quite a few sites and is based out of Florida/Georgia way… I actually LOVE her jiggly bottom and am hoping that she will take up my invite to film with her at the Fetishcon event in Florida later this year! I also believe this was Greg’s first shoot at a Florida motel (just before he moved down there permanently, if memory serves me well)… having probably outstayed his welcome at the many fleapits he used to frequent and film in when he was living further up north in the New Jersey area.

So let’s take a look at a few images of the gorgeous Galas and I have a great clip for you all to view as well… this sums up the style of spanking and the near tearful remorse of the models as their spanking nears its conclusion… check out her very sore bottom, I kid you not, she got a real bun roasting earlier in this film and TMS2 is letting up as I think even he knows when the poor gal has had enough! But the smacks even at this stage are still hard enough to make her wince and yell out loud… this is one naughty girl who wouldn’t be so discourteous to these guys again!


02 03

04 05 07

08 09

12 15

16 22 24


25 26 27

We sent this young lady her invitation just a little over a month before that happy day.Of course, her invitation wasn’t spelled out quite like that, the little strumpet’s conduct was such so as to ensure that it played out exactly like that.. in spades!  Miss Looner’s bottom was the sort that jiggled provocatively and bounced most delightfully under a hard swung hand ensuring that #Trouser Arousal levels were set at maximum. View this chilly blonde’s distress as she deals with the humiliation of being the owner of a freshly tanned and hot blistered hand spanked posterior!

If you want to see the FULL Movie CLICK HERE now!



This concludes today’s post update of another treasured spanking memory shared with you all… have fun on the interwebs… you never know what shit you can find like this masterpiece below… would you send your kids on this? LOL!


heh heh! back soon – bookmark this blog for featured posts & memories from yesteryear!



A New Year & New Start!

January 27, 2014 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Website Reviews No Comments →

imbackOK, I have somewhat neglected this blog, I used to love writing here and got a little disallusioned when about 3 years worth of data was lost forever after the site was taken over by the new owners of the company I used to work for waaaaay back – foolishly I didn’t own or host the blog at the time… (you know who they are and I never promote them anymore). Moving on… I got this blog back after kicking up a fuss but they had so ruined it that a lot of the data was corrupted and with no back ups, whole years were gone. I won’t dwell on it anymore, I think I covered this when I tried to restart this blog well over 2 years ago. My heart was never quite in it after that though, what theme would I use to continue? So I have now decided to concentrate on the sites we all know and love , with a few you might not see so often and I am going to concentrate on showing you what is available from their archives… this kind of lives up to the “retro” tag a little… ok, it’s not really, but I just can’t find enough data which justifies my time crawling the interwebs for real retro stuff… and it’s mainly images, I will of course post the odd pic set or golden retro image and maybe touch a few other images up to look like they are from the Edwardian era or something and I’ll credit the original copyright holders if I know their sites etc… Hopefully that will get me motivated and make this a great place to bookmark and come visit again as I currently have more time and I really want to start updating this blog, making it what it once was, a really popular place to come and check out some great spanking material!

Bottoms of all shapes and sizes, ladies of all nationalities and ages will be featured here as well as a wide plethora of spanking materials… so let me begin with one of my favourite sites – NorthernSpanking.com and as I delve deep into their archives to uncover this little treasure… a gorgeous BBW called Tanya Thomson who had a most gloriously spankable bottom as you will discover. I am covering a couple of film shoots she did for Paul’s site well over 10 years ago … and of course you will see that Paul just *had* to have a hand in what he did!


NSI011-PT008 NSI011-PT009

NSI011-PT029 NSI011-PT033 NSI011-PT067

NSI011-PT070 NSI011-PT073

NSI011-PT082 NSI011-PT102 NSI011-PT113


Tanya is a lazy cow! All that housework to do and she’s too busy drinking wine, smoking and reading her magazines. Isn’t it wonderful to be a lady of leisure? Won’t her husband be impressed when he comes home from work to find mold on yesterday’s dinner plates… Tanya’s trauma continues as her husband makes his displeasure known… And where is his dinner anyway?

Check out Tanya’s punishment below… taken from the film ” A Good Book”

NSI055-TB017 NSI055-TB018

Tanya’s personal trainer has come around for their weekly appointment. Problem is, Tanya thought it was tomorrow he was due! Caught red-handed with a bar of chocolate in her hand and her feet up with a good book instead of exercising like she ought to be, her trainer is less than impressed. He warned her what would happen if he caught her slacking! Poor Tanya is about to discover the reality of  his threats…

NSI055-TB037 NSI055-TB059

NSI055-TB069 NSI055-TB071

NSI055-TB087 NSI055-TB092

NSI055-TB093 NSI055-TB106


More films of Tanya and ladies with large spankable bottoms are HERE



Annie was always one of my fave girls to get punished at the next site, she could take her punishment, as you will see here from this old classic as these images compliment the movie (reduced in size) – and show the aftermath of her hard caning, taken from  Girls Boarding School


pic03 pic04

pic05 pic06

pic08 pic10

pic12 pic13 pic15


This site contains a VAST archive of content with some unique footage of girls not seen anywhere else with real tears, bare bottom welts and severe punishments with excellent scoldings from the resident Headmaster Tom, it still is a site you should not ignore! Check out the latest films as well as access the massive archives!




Finally today I wanted to show you some classic Amber Dawn getting her maintenance spankings at SpankAmber.com – right around the time she and her daddy experimented with more erotic POV style spanking and intimate materials, as you’ll see a tearful Amber spanked in the first clip, then tied and bound before being fucked POV style, this is still hot and of course members get to see everything she has filmed on ALL her sites with one membership fee. I promise you will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful redhead spanko getting her 41″ bubble butt regularly spanked and her delightful pussy getting a servicing by her lucky Daddy!

amb02 amb03

amb06 amb07

amb08 amb09

ambf01 ambf03

ambf04 ambf06

ambf08 ambf09

Join this site, get access to AmberSpanks.com & her bonus nude site FREE


OK, I hope you liked what you saw today… I will promise that this blog will get updated far more often… why not check out the archives here if you have nothing better to do 🙂 More classic spanking site archives and unseen naughtiness will be shown here very soon!!!