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Schoolgirl Punishments

October 23, 2013 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews 1 Comment →

I am going to focus on one site today, often overlooked but for those in the know, this site has some of the hardest schoolgirl beatings and humiliating punishments of some beautiful teens imaginable! The site I’m referring to is Girls Boarding School – and I promise you that they are upping their game as I had some encouraging recent communications with Tom and I’m rather excited about what they plan to do… so to remind you all… why not check out some classic punishments with various implements we all know and use with great affection when punishing our own wayward ladies!


The hairbrush: One of my favourite implements. the paddle ones are the best for impact… and must be sturdy as constant use will lead to their destruction over time, as I have often had to replace my own. many hairbrushes nowadays are made in hard unyielding synthetic materials, and they often give that “THUD” needed similar to a heavy wooden paddle. obviously, the heavy wood hairbrushes are crafted and designed for something else rather than bashing them on the pert naughty cheeks of a stroppy madam, but that is why i love using it… as the next time she brushes her hair with said implement, the memories of her thrashing will be there!!! Images below c/o Girls Boarding School

pic02 pic03

pic06 pic07

pic13 pic15



The cane: One of the most painful and effective implements used at this site and often with devastating results as you can see with this naughty schoolgirl in her dorm room!


The images you are about to see below are typical of any girl’s punishment sessions at this site – and it is rather special to see such a welted and well decorated red behind as this! The cane is often used as the final part of a punishment but can also be used in conjunction with the paddle… which you will see coming up!

pic02 pic04

pic06 pic07

pic09 pic14

pic15 pic16


More canings can be seen HERE


The Wooden Paddle: used for heavy punishments and often results in tears from the girls as Tom and the others who use this at the site do not let up on the severity of the punishment and these punishments are reserved for the naughtiest girls who really need to be taught a lesson! The paddle will often be used alongside the cane or as a final humiliating part of the discipline session!


pic02 pic03

pic05 pic07

pic11 pic16


Lots of spanking punishments at this site use the paddle as well as an often overlooked instrument of real pain… the carpet beater. One such memorable punishment with this blonde beauty is forever etched in my mind… there are plenty of similar punishments with other girls, but this one stood out for me!


All images below open up to larger sizes… this young madam was a favourite of mine and she pretty much took every conceivable form of punishment given to her… here, obviously, she is receiving the carpet beater… it is particularly effective as it provides wide coverage on a girl’s behind, covering it in beautiful red weals and marks… there is no hiding from this one!!!

pic02 pic05

pic06 pic08

pic10 pic11

pic14 pic16



A more traditional role as I near the end of this image review… all punishments should include this at some point, sometimes this is enough… of course an OTK spanking has all sorts of added humiliation and embarrassing aspects to it… it feels more personal, being told to remove your underwear then get over your teacher or headmaster’s lap in the school study, the dorm or in detention is rather unnerving… HE is fully clothed… and the naughty girl is bared, sometimes naked at GBS… which I never grow tired of… as the girls used are so damned hot!


The OTK Spanking Position: the most traditional disciplinary method that can be used!

pic04 pic06

pic07 pic08

pic09 pic10

pic11 pic16



Hand Punishments are also catered to… and the one I am showing below is a memorable one from one of my favourite residents, Annie, with the striking red hair (Just as Irelynn Logeen, above, was another very memorable girl as I think that was her spanking debut and they have some amazing films of her at just 18-19 years of age!) Anyway… hand punishments with rulers and tawses are used to great effect, as you can imagine!

pic16 (1)

The ruler across the hand: very very painful!

pic02 (1) pic07 (2)

pic12 pic15 (1)

pic10 (1)


Finally, a bedtime punishment in PJs… this poor girl was so ashamed, her bottoms are pulled down revealing a heavily marked bottom –  you can’t even see her face as she hides in utter embarrassment… this also caters to severe punishment lovers and those that enjoy good images of the aftermath and reflection of recent discipline… rubbing bottoms, doing cornertime etc… this is all essential and featured heavily. I think the images below from this particular punishment capture that spirit perfectly!


pic03 pic06

pic07 pic11

pic10 pic14

pic15 pic16

CLICK HERE to see more bedtime and pyjama themed discipline



Girls Boarding School has something for anyone interested in this genre… if you have never visited the site or been a member, you’ll discover Hi Res films (at least 700, possibly more at the time of writing  – there are so many!), an unlimited amount of image galleries, or it feels that way… and all for a reasonable monthly cost that you can cancel anytime. this site is only for those that love severe schoolgirl discipline films and have the time to download terrabytes of amazing spanking content!

Visit Girls Boarding School update pages HERE
(for the latest info and how to be a part of this experience)


pic01 (1)

pic07 (1)


A badly tattooed ass I wouldn’t spank :(

October 09, 2013 By: Chief Category: General 1 Comment →

Bit of light relief… As I have not been on here for a while, it’s not a dead blog… and I will start to update here again in earnest very soon… now, I’m not the biggest fan of tattoos, I’m old fashioned like that! Sure… some tatts are fine and have meaning or look good on the individual (however, I always imagine what they will look like when the subject is 70+ years old and those “colourful” inkings always end up the same dreary green/blue hue….) anyway… found this on the internet and I decided to add some text of my own… I found this on a site showing possibly the worst tattoos ever created… in this case, some poor girl’s bottom has been desecrated with shit and badly drawn tattoos… I wonder if any of these subjects of the crap tatts ever sue… I sure as hell would!!! Wouldn’t you?

So… would you spank this… or just beat the living crap out of those tatts instead?