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Archive for March, 2013

Some old Spanking Classics to enjoy!

March 11, 2013 By: Chief Category: Website Reviews No Comments →

Here is a treat for you all today as I root through my extensive archives and get a few images together for your perusal… what you’ll see here is some of the films and image sets that I had viewed earlier today in the – ahem – privacy of my own darkened study with the door firmly locked, a glass of vino and a hefty cigar puffing away! Enjoy! If you haven’t seen any of these before… you are in for a treat!

A site I don’t often promote as it sells itself – why? Well, AmberSpanks.com – or any of the sites from her little network are constantly on a trial sign up basis for less than $5 you get FULL access to all 3 of her sites with one set of codes! Pretty fair deal if you ask me… and if you want to stick around and download all her amazing films of her getting spanked and doing the spanking, you’d better get yourself a separate hard drive as there are 100’s of film at this site – simply one of the best hidden deals around! See what I mean from this sizzling set from a film of Amber spanking one of her many west coast exclusive model finds where she does 99% of her work from home in the San Francisco area.

amber01 amber02

amber03 amber04

amber07 amber08

amber09 amber10

amber11 amber14

See MORE of Amber’s superb, sexy and unique work HERE

More of Amber’s own spankings by her Daddy can be viewed below!


Next up, a reminder of a scorching model called Sandra Sanchez! Looking good in hot colours like orange and red… contrasting with her blonde hair and super toned legs and butt, of course, she also looks incredibly spankable when her legs are parted waiting for the strap, cane or just Peter’s or Heidi’s hand on her bare behind! All images courtesy of SpankingServer.com


sanchez05 sanchez06 sanchez07

sanchez08 sanchez09

Click here to see the archived materials of Sandra as well as the latest updates now in HD



Finally today, who can forget the wonderfully pervy former brothel owner and perveyor of porn, Clare Fonda, as she shows us how she treats her girls, nothing is too good for her clients. So some humility and temperature takings whilst being punished sorts out these girls! Note how early this is with Pixie guest appearing nearly 8-9 years or so ago! Amazing!!! All images are courtesy of the excellent Spankedcallgirls.com website


Clare concocts a lame excuse to spank her girls!!!

015 017

018 022

026 028 030

046 049

If you liked Pixie’s punishment then check out the naked punishment and humiliating temperature taking and sexual harrassment as well as the punishments of her fellow hoe! (more images from this website below) – og Clare… I do miss your quirky humour and penchant for perving over your merchandise!

004 006

007 008 010

035 036

040 043


Don’t miss the many punishments of her girls at  Spanked Callgirls

Remember – this site is part of the top value CLARE FONDA PASS (saving you a lot of money)


Some spankings for the weekend

March 07, 2013 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews No Comments →

A little early, I know… but what the hell… let’s get in some cracking spanking updates for you to mull over this weekend!


From Holland, Mike’s Real-Life-Spankings.com website covers all manner of naughty punishments as you’ll see from one of my fave girls with a very sexy cute dutch accemnt and an even cuter rounded ass that turns red so beautifully… Angel has been slacking in her cleaning duties! Cue the solid hand of Mike!

angel_cleaning_duty_P1010003 angel_cleaning_duty_P1010004

angel_cleaning_duty_P1010009 angel_cleaning_duty_P1010012

angel_cleaning_duty_P1010028 angel_cleaning_duty_P1010022





At my fave Japanese spanking site hand-spanking.com – it’s nice to know that not everything goes to plan as you’ll see when there is model bedlam and out of control behaviour that requires some order… with a good hard hand spanking!!!


Two young models are pissed off at their manager who works her girls too hard. They are planning to give her a lesson by staging a simulated catfight!

t14-24 t14-39

t14-51 t1403

t1415 t1420

t1430 t1432

View MORE of some fantastic girl on girl spanking updates from hand spanking!



Finally from Realspankings.com – one of my fave girls featured there at the moment with a peach of an ass, called Allison… was recently given 2 good hard punishments… I particularly liked the secomd film I’m showing as it was a secretly recorded film… a nice thought!

Check images below: Allison – Strapped to Tears

Allison is paddled at school and a phone call is made to her home. When she gets home Michael sends her to her room to shower and get ready for bed. He later comes up and straps her bare bottom, long and hard with his belt, until the tears are flowing.





Allison knows she is going to get a hard spanking and decides to secretly capture it on her phone. She hides her phone in a cupboard so Mr M can not see! An unusal film and of course it stars Allison!

Allison secretly records her spanking2 Allison secretly records her spanking3


Allison secretly records her spanking4 Allison secretly records her spanking5


Allison secretly records her spanking8 Allison secretly records her spanking9


Allison secretly records her spanking9a Allison secretly records her spanking9b Allison secretly records her spanking9c


Click here to see MORE punishments of Allison at the RealSpankings website


Julie Simone – a mean spanking momma!

March 03, 2013 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

Julie Simone is fast becoming one of my favourite female spankers, she particularly plays the role of a wicked, stern and nasty step mother all too well… does she have personal experience of this? Hard to say (lol) but she is rather frighteningly good at portraying one as young, nervous Tara (in her PJ’s) finds out!!!

“Hang up now!” – the full movie download available at Punishedbrats.com

Julie wants her stepdaughter to help her prepare dinner but Tara refuses to get off the phone. Julie remains calm, hangs up for her, and informs her that she will be spanked before the night is through. Shortly before bed, Tara sheepishly appears in her pajamas for her punishment.


hang1-2 hang1-3

hang1-4 hang1-6

hang1-7 hang1-8

Tara will need to learn to be more respectful to her stepmother Julie or she may never be able to sit comfortably again. More images from her continuing punishment from this great step mom/daughter film can be seen below!

hang2-1 hang2-2

hang2-3 hang2-4



hang2-7 hang2-8


Click here to review the free preview clips from this awesome spanking film!

(This site is still priced at 2006 sign up prices from just  $17 for a month’s membership!)