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Archive for September, 2012

50 Shades of Spanking

September 27, 2012 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

E L James 50 Shades trilogy has a lot to answer for this year… coming from nowhere to having virtually every woman reading it, lapping it up. Never has BDSM and submission been so acceptable (OK, the main character is a creep and it’s still pretty tame, but I love the fact chicks are digging the wanton submission thing…)

It’s nice to know your “Yummy Mummy” and average suburban housewife would love to get her rocks off in a similar situation, even if it is just fantasy. So spanking seems to also have a captive market (who’d have guessed?) as girls discover this whole submissive roleplay stuff. Just like the parody that Paul and Lucy cooked up at Northern Spanking recently – I was still umming and ahhing about whether to do it myself at my own site as the hysteria over this trilogy dies down after virtually every woman on the planet that can read has “done it”.

So welcome Scarlot Rose as she attempts to enlist her hubby in spanking her most delicious behind after reading such erotica for herself, and not content with some self spanking, wants to be dominated and spanked by him instead! It’s rather amusing to see his lame reactions as at first, preferring to read his paper… until she is wantonly begging him over the table top to spank and crop her bare behind!!! Now WHO could resist that challenge. I know I am weak, and would fail miserably and spank the heck out of her tight tushy… wouldn’t you?

“What the deuce?”

Images below are what the couple got up to and I have a short but sweet scene from the film – the full film for members shows Scarlot with her knickers removed getting the spanking and riding crop she begs for in a breathless near orgasmic rasp! Safe to say, it’s “Trouser Arousing” material!