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Archive for August, 2012

Schoolgirls, Sisters & Cheerleaders

August 18, 2012 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

It’s all happening at Firmhandspanking.com at the moment as the latest 4 updates I have for you are with some new girls and gorgeous spanking talent I just know you will love! See what I mean as I first bring you 2 of the brattiest sisters to deserve a spanking get what’s coming to them in a brand new series “Paind in Full” as these girls, Carina and Beth, have so infuriated their father with their $6,000 debts on each of their cards he employs Mr Bateman, a young firm no nonsense lifestyle coach who teaches the girls that payback is long and painful and they WILL both learn their lesson in respect and what it means to earn a living as these spoilt daddy’s girls get the start of a hard rehabilitation!

Beth (left) and  Carina Thompson – bratty spoilt sisters in “Paid in Full”

Carina looks shocked as she discovers that getting spanked HURTS and pays just $200 off the debt!




Beth smirks as she watched her sister take the 1st spanking…
then that smile soon disappeared when it was her turn!




Check out a special free clip of Carina’s 1st spanking (below)


Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in Cheerleader Captain. To have any hope of getting back her place on squad, she asks to be spanked by Mr Johnson. 31 swats with a leather paddle, 10 bare, bring tears of genuine sorrow and a sore butt. It also happens to be a darned good spanking film!

Kelly looks fantastic in her cheer girl uniform as you’ll see below as she is given her latest punishment, another breath taking discipline film of a great looking girl next door type!




& finally in the girl next door types, in the UK, stunning Belinda Lawson is back in a new schoolgirl series in this classroom detention punishment…

Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!




Check out all the latest updates of the girl next door types – Click Here


In the Dean’s Office

August 14, 2012 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

At the Real Spankings Institute – While most infractions of the rules result in corporal punishment on the spot, those who find themselves in a lot of trouble are sent to the Dean’s Office. Punishments administered in the Dean’s Office are truly feared. These punishments are applied in such a way that the young lady in trouble will not soon forget her offence. Here… Wooden school paddles are used liberally, assuring that any who receive this will be sitting on a bruised and sore bottom for many days to come!

Part of the punishment can be the mental anguish of knowing what is to come, giving the girls an implaemnt that will shortly be tasting their soft flesh hidden inside their pabties… this adds to the humiliation and correctional use of severe corporal punishment as you can see from the past, girls in uniform are defroked and whacked without mercy…

In some rare cases, like a particular punishment recently 4 girls were sent to the top office where the Dean was waiting for them, these are exceptional circumstances and the girls faced a naked punishment one by one in front of each other… exposing their pert little titties and watchiung each other get a sound thrashing!

“Dress Code Violations”

The Dean confronts Allison, Roxie,Harlan and Kat about their dress code violations. The ladies are made to undress and wait in time out. Allison is told to bend over the table and is strapped on the bare bottom while the other girls are made to count each stroke.

Allison is sent back to her spot. Roxie is then told to bend over the desk for her strapping on the bare bottom. The girls continue to count each stroke.

Roxie is sent back to her spot. Harlan is then told to bend over the desk for her strapping on the bare bottom. The girls continue to count each stroke, bottoms burning, with only Kat left to be punished.

Finally Kat is told to bend over the desk for her strapping on the bare bottom. She is strapped to tears and then sent back in line with the rest of her friends. The girls sign their discipline forms and then are all placed in time out, hands on knees and cheek to cheek.


In similar fashion, 2 more schoolgirls, Allison (again) & blonde Roxie are caught not wearing bras

The Dean finds Allison and Roxie studying while their clothes are in the dryer. The Dean asks them if they are forgetting a part of their uniforms and tells them to open their shirts. Alas, no bras. Allison is told to open her shirt and take her shirt off to receive a hand spanking on the bare bottom.

The ladies switch position, and Roxie is spanked on the bare bottom for no bra. Both ladies are left with their breasts exposed and bottoms bared until the next class comes through.

So take a look at what goes on in just one part of the institution, all documented by high quality film and images for us to gaze upon these most naughty young madams who never seem to learn their lesson (fortunately for us!)!

Check out Real Spankings Institute and see for yourself!