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My Spanking Room Mate – the early years

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It would seem appropriate to now reflect on this site  My Spanking Room Mate as it is definitely coming of age with the ongoing series of films in this epic spanking soap opera topping over 100 films! So here area few of my stand out faves which have appeared over the last few years, these are all taken from the vast archive of content and are from the earlier years of this website… not quite retro just yet… but it’s nice to see some faces and bottoms again appearing at this site in this update today, such classic spanking stars such as Snow Mercy, Ariel X, Audrey Knight alongside regulars like Kay Richards and Madison Martin with the welcome guest appearances from Clare Fonda and even Amber Pixie Wells… this is a vastly under rated site – it’s awesome on its own, but beautifully compliments the CLAREFONDAPASS Network – More on this later. For now, check out the free galleries, just click on the images to access these… I have (thoughtfully) included the movie descriptions for your understanding beneath the images as they aren’t always on the free gallery pages! Enjoy…

 EPISODE #61 Madison Dates Mark – 12 Minutes

Madison is 12 minutes late to her meeting with Mark. They agree to date, but he must cure her of this bad habit, so he spanks her, then gives her 12 whacks with the paddle in front of his secretary Cynthia, bringing Madison to tears.

EPISODE #54 Heartbreaker – 30 Minutes

Clare spanks Ashley for the way she dumped her girlfriend Kay. When Amber won’t stand behind her, Clare spanks her, too – then she gives them both a taste of the wooden paddle.

EPISODE #52 Overpowered – 12 Minutes

Chloe tries to spank Snow because she hasn’t paid her rent – but Snow overpowers Chloe and spanks her instead. So Chloe recruits Kailee and they overpower Snow and take turns spanking her – with hand and ping pong paddle.

EPISODE #50 Madison’s Revenge – 8 Minutes

When Madison visits her sister Kailee, Lana begins spanking her again – but Madison convinces her sister to overpower Lana – and they give Lana a taste of her own medicine.

EPISODE #42 Audrey’s Spanking Clause – 12 Minutes

Lawyer Audrey Knight pays a visit to Mr. Ford to get money from him for his spanking of Alanah Rae. Unfortunately for her, she has a clause to waive all claims – and she is spanked by Mr. Ford until she signs the clause.

EPISODE #37 Kay’s Body Guard – 16 Minutes

Kay calls Snow to help her get spanking revenge on Alannah. When Snow and Dee Dee hire Mr. Ford to do the job without paying him, he spanks Snow while she spanks Dee Dee. Finally, Mr. Ford helps Kay give Alannah a hard spanking.

EPISODE #35 Diner Wars – 14 Minutes

Madison rented a diner to shoot model Beverly in – but when Beverly is late, Madison spanks her to teach her about responsibility. If Madison wants Beverly to pose, though, she must submit to a spanking too.

EPISODE #30 Kay Surprises Alanah – 17 Minutes

Kay visits Alanah as she is about to do a photo session dressed as a sexy tennis model. Kay drugs the large and curvey model and spanks her until she tells where Kay’s ex girlfriend’s new love interest is hiding. But Alanah finds a way to spank Kay back.

EPISODE #28 Amber Meets Clare – 13 Minutes

Clare catches Amber spraying the wall. She threatens to turn her in to the police, but Amber will do ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. So Clare marches her up to her room and gives her a very sound spanking before bending her over for some hard whacks with a hairbrush.

EPISODE #22 Mark Tames Faye – 15 Minutes

Mark Johnson manages a nursing home that does business with Madison’s insurance agency. When his girlfriend Faye comes to visit the office, she is extremely bratty. He asks her to behave, and Faye says “what are you gonna do, spank me?” Well, that is exactly what he does.

EPISODE #20 Harmony Busts Ballet Girl – 12 Minutes

Harmony tells Madison to finish her assignment by noon. As soon as she leaves, Madison practices ballet in the alley. Harmony catches her and spanks Madison for this offense, making her pose in various ballet positions, then making her bend over for several swats with a large branch.

EPISODE #19 Ashley Helps Kay Find a Maid – 11 Minutes

Ashley is visiting Kay and she mentions how curious she is about Madison and Kay spanking each other. So Kay shows her what it’s like by putting Ashley over her knee and spanking her. When Ashley asks Kay to stop, she won’t – because she has issues with Ashley – who is Kay’s ex-girlfriend. So she spanks her harder, with hand and brush, teaching Ashley a lesson.

EPISODE #14 Kay is Too Horny – 9 Minutes

Madison catches Kay pleasuring herself with a vibrator in their bed. Madison is upset because she is “not like that” and if they are sharing a bed – there must be no “hanky panky.” Knowing what is to come, Kay gets in a few strokes with a belt before Madison bends Kay over and gives her a sound belting, then takes her over her knee for a hand spanking, bringing Kay to real tears.

Episode #3 MEET HARMONY – 15 Minutes

Madison is really late to work- again. Harmony wants to fire her but Madison asks her to spank me instead? “I know you’re a bitch who looks at my ass and I know you’d be more satisfied beating my ass.” Turns out she was right, Harmony is a sadist who ends with 50 big ones from a yardstick while Madison is bent over the desk. Harmony warned her it would hurt and she wasn’t kidding. The “Spanking Roommate” gets hers.


These are just some of the earlier films I liked and have featured here today… if you check out the home tour pages HERE you can see every continuing storyline in this spanking soap opera from the very 1st episode… and also the girls and guest spankees/spankos that turn up. It’s an impressive list as you’d expect from a Clare Fonda branded site!

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