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Archive for April, 2012

Females in need of a paddling!

April 03, 2012 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews No Comments →

Here’s a nice little feature that covers a schoolgirl or cheerleader that is in need of a darned good thrashing! Just like the brats below, you will be amazed at the punishments these naughty well known girls can take… and I have provided links to where you can find them and see more!

Brandi in a cheer girl outfit always got my juices flowing, just look at her in these pics below! I never tire of seeing her punished in this and similar costumes, this is the stuff of fantasy!


You can see much more of Brandi at her own site which is also part of a 4 site deal and is well worth a look for the best in retro discipline of some of the sexiest sassiest schoolgirl brats from America… go check out Spanking Teen Brandi and discover more!


Kami Robertson – a unique film “Race Cheat” with Kami punished as a naughty girl guide!



The above images are taken from a unique girl guide spanking and paddling film of Kami Robertson,. who I have to say made the MOST adorable girl guide I have ever spanked, as you will see… absolutely stunning… and she took quite a pasting too, especially in the scenes you see here with the dreaded bathbrush! I loved this story too, a bonus of working with kami is that she insists on working on a decent storyline and this was a good one. This film is still not available at my main membership site, it is only available at the specialist CLIPS STORE – I have no plans to release this anytime soon so if you want to see this or any of the scenes, do go check it out as it is a cracker!

You can view it at SpankingLibrary (the bathbrush scene shown here with a decent free preview) I would have uploaded the rest at this site too but it is painfully slow and not always successful to upload to them (I have NO patience) but it is good value for you.


Or you can view the FULL film and/or clips from this special inique film at the CLIPS Store

CLICK HERE to find the exact location of this Kami Girl Guide Film


I loved this next recent update which starred a new more mature lady who has an amazing body and is just SO Spankable!!! Taken from Sarah’s “Unladylike manor series” with Sarah Bright doing the punishments: Now… she is very tall for a female, I have met her in person and I can imagine she would be intimidating to a female sub! See the images below and I will provide you with a link to view a really good free movie preview!

It was not a very clever thing to do, returning to Unladylike Manor to try and reason with Sarah. The new Lady was to find out the hard way that she had made one big mistake. When it comes to applying the right pressure Sarah knows just how to do it and soon Lady Suzie was naked apart from her silk stockings. Next, bent over the sofa she was to find out just how it feels to be beaten hard with a leather spanking paddle when applied by an expert. Her bottom was paddled till it was red and very painful.



Check out the fantastic free HD movie previews at SpankingSarah.com


& if you liked Sarah punishing famales, then she also stars at one of the sister sites from time to time, which is English-Spankers.com – and this is a schoolgirl special as Sarah punishes 2 very naughty girls in their uniforms, and yes… one of those girls is the loveable brat, Danielle Hunt! (I love watching this girl get spanked!!!)


Check out all the recent films includng this one
which have lots of FREE movie previews HERE


back soon with more girls in need of punishment!