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Archive for February, 2012

Black Girl Spankings

February 26, 2012 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

This isn’t often covered enough, I think… but I love seeing girls with a dusky dark bottom thrashed and these 2 from 2 different sites are featured a lot at the respective sites they’re taken from. The first is a cute girl wearing glasses, I have several of her films but don’t know her name (they never say), but what you will find cute about this girl is that she takes a hard paddling and just look at her Spiderman underpants… how adorably cute. She also has an Amazonian toned ass and thighs and eventaully starts to react to her paddling when she grits her teeth and bears it at the start – the ends of the full film (in Hi Res wmv) is worth watching as she rubs her battered bottom lingeringly for the cameras…mmm! Check out the images and the free clip of her paddling that I have for you below:






To see more similar punishments like this check out all the latest developments and updates coming out from RealSpankings.com


The 2nd girl is a favorite of mine called Sally who was one of the featured residents of Girls-Boarding-School for a while so this will tell you that there are many films of her and I like this one as Tom really doesn’t hold back with the caning and I also like the way she is forced to lean against the wall, bottom stuck out and take her caning. There’s a twist as he is directed by Mr Thomspon on the phone as how to punish this girl…any excuse, eh? :D

click image above to view the streaming clip of Sally’s severe caning

Below are some scenes taken from the full length movie so you get an idea of what happens outside of the free clip – this is just 1 of several that feature this beauty at Girls-Boarding-School




Spanking trilogy of films revisited

February 18, 2012 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download No Comments →

So here it is, the trilogy of films with the awesome Miss Hastings and 2 of her naughtiest pupils, Emily and Joanne, all carefully collected together as a one off movie “Collectors Package” at NaughtyBottom.com

This site caters for those who only want to download the odd movie or 2 as and when, giving them the full control of what they want to view and how much they want to spend! As this site is now being updated with regular movies at least 3 times a week, it’s well worth checking what’s coming up next!

So you get an idea of what’s in this package, I have got you some image grabs and a brief description. You can also see this at the movie intro page at Naughtybottom.com where there is also a sample clip located towards the bottom of the page HERE! Have a good weekend and Monday Holiday! SpankMaster

Part 1 (the OTK Spanking of Emily and Joanne)

From the movie “Out of Bounds”


the following movie focusses on heavy strapping scenes!

From the movie “The Prayer Lesson”


Finally the severest movie contains hard and graphic canings of both girls

Taken from the movie “The School Cane!”


As I said to see the full description with more images and the sample clip CLICK HERE and all will be revealed! Enjoy, this is a good ‘un!!!