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Archive for November, 2011

Kat St James – spanked callgirl

November 26, 2011 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Website Reviews No Comments →

I have something delicious for you this weekend! It’s a website I subscribe to and I’m sure many of you are very familiar with this site, SPANKEDCALLGIRLS – well, check out this classic I watched again, and also a good free spanking clip which I have cut exclusively to share with you all so you can see what Clare gets up to!

 “Momma” Clare always checks out the merchandise when a newbie wants to work at her agency! Clare has a unique way of breaking in the girls and warning them if they cheat or double cross her or her clients (she has a reputation to keep after all, eh?) that they will end up knickers down and their sorry asses thrashed red raw!

Katherine St. James Spanked with Hand & Hairbrush

Katherine St. James is a very pretty young lady who loves a good spanking and her petite frame is up to the challenge. This new girl comes looking for work and Clare thinks she has very good potential. However, it doesn’t help when Katherine lays down a few rules and Clare decides to teach her who actually makes the rules if she wants to remain one of Clare’s girls in this type of work. Check out the images and a good free clip taken from what members are viewing right now!






I actually view this site through the better value CLARE FONDA PASS (shaving loadsa $$$ off the price of all her sites with one set of codes)

Sign up here this weekend & you’ll be stuck indoors downloadng like a madman!


Spanking news and updates from around Europe

November 08, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

These are some selected highlights from a blog I used to write for and as this was all my own work, I feel justified in bringing you it here as it’s a special collection of stunning spanking imagery! Now the 1st part of this post is a girl of mine who is a total favorite, a real redhead cutie from the Czech Republic called Nicoleta and this beautiful buxom thing is exclusively punished at specialist site SPANKINGSERVER

Seriously, this girl is so hot she should come with a public health warning! In and out of her uniform, bent over and restrained in their wonderful contraptions, take a look at some of my choice images of Nicoleta as she gets the full punishment treatment!





To see much more of Nicoleta and beautiful girls like her…



I was reading the Headmaster’s blog earlier (as we all do each others to see what we’re all interested in) and I came across a really hot update from a few months back that he showcased in detail with gorgeous inmate Kami Robertson and her humiliating inspection and punishment by the prison medical staff (Matron Maclean). How did I miss that one? I’ll give you a direct link to his article later, as it inspired me to write about another very humiliating punishment of a brothel madame called Xela who is brought down to earth and subjected to a cavity search spanking and a strapping, held down, because she can’t behave herself!

Yes, this punishment is courtesy of Bars and Stripes – the female prison specialist punishment site. Below I have got 3 free movie clips, the first scene shows Matron Lucy Maclean and Warden Jessica Wood (yes Jessica! One of my favorite female dommes) subject uppity brothel madame to a nasty cavity search…gloves on and away we go!

Hmm, it doesn’t get any better for Xela, who next has her big bouncing ass spanked over Miss Wood’s knee, all the while she is subjected to a verbal tirade from a furious Matron! As you’ll see below!

Ouch…Miss Wood, as we all know, likes to spank hard and Xela’s cheeks take quite a pounding as you saw…well, they haven’t finished with her yet, and Xela is becoming unruly on the medical inpsection bench as she is strapped and Warden Kennedy soon appears to help restrain Xela’s thrashing legs, she’s held down whilst he has a bird’s eye view of her plump bottom and exposed pussy. Very nice, a sight I can tell you I’d happily view all day long. She’s all too aware of this humiliation as Miss wood continues to leather her big wobbly behind! Enjoy the final clip below:

Bars and Stripes, still the only dedicated all girl prison site with hard spankings.


Kami Robertson is on the front page of the site above but you might want to check out the archives of this site featured next as she starred in some really cool mocies as a struggling schoolgirl and check out that gorgeous sailor suit she had on! She possesses one of the prettiest wiggliest asses which can take quite a thrashing whether it’s with the strap or, my favorite, the cane. She takes it ’til the tears well up and her pert behind is a mass of angry red welts!

click here

Of course… films like this so impressed me that I had to get Kami to film with me at AAAspanking.com and she continues to produce quality stuff! Check out some of Kami’s finest work which I have personally downloaded from English-Spankers.com – I’ll be watching her HQ punishment in and out of that cute little uniform once more on my LCD after I post this, such is the quality of the playback! See much more of her below



There should be a law against dressing up girls like Kami in those uniforms, my ol’ ticker won’t be able to take much more at the sight of her prostrate, legs ups and caned with intrusive cam angles ensuring dirty old men like myself don’t miss a thing! Yikes, thsi is giving me ideas for my next film shoot with her!

Fans of Miss Robertson won’t be disappointed with the content now available at English-Spankers 

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