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2 Naughty Nuns – Movie Review

October 22, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Film Review, Movie Reviews, Pay per Download 1 Comment →

Here is a classic spanking and girl on girl naughty movie from film producers Ohh Tee Kay – this is one of their classic films that I loved so much and you can now download this in part of in full from my Spanking Theater – so you may recognize a couple of the girls…

Christina Carter and Keli Anderson have starred together in a few movies of this type, where they enjoy playing upon each other, you can see a seletion of these movies at the end of this post, but today I wanted to concentrate on seeing them in a fave pervy film of mine, as they play 2 very naughty nuns who can’t keep their hands off each other and father Cecil B has to intervene before the film movies on and gets even raunchier! *gasp*



These 2 religious hussies like to inflict both pleasure and pain upon each other in private, however, such was their passion this time that when Keli started to finger Christina’s slippery slit, her moans had disturbed the rest of the convent and this was soon brought to the attention of the visiting Father, Cecil B, who had a run in with these 2 before… since they decide that punishing and playing with each other is their way he takes both nuns in turn over his lap for his own OTK discipline then straps them hard leaving them humiliated in the corner afterwards to reflect on their debaucherous behavior…





So after their spanking and strapping, did these 2 naughty nuns learn anything? Well, frankly… no! C’mon, it’s Christina Carter & Keli Anderson we’re viewing here…. thankfully what we see in the later part of this movie is when they are once again alone, in what suspiciously looks like a hotel room (I’m not sure whether it was intended that way or if Cecil just wanted to film these 2 getting it on and couldn’t wait!) but either way, what we see next is some fantastic girl on girl play, essentially some good honest porn. After all, these girls are not shy, and they strip each off and get out of their habits only to leave some sexy lingerie on…


You’ll see them take turns to finger, kiss and stroke each other, slowly carressing the other to orgasm ever so deliberately. This is an excuse to show 2 hot porn stars getting spanked then getting off, and I’m all for it, as you’ll see from some choice images below!



The girls get so excited by this that they up the level (and god knows where nuns are supposed to obtain these filthy objects) but there yhen appears a strap-on cock (after the extensive use of vibrating toys and glass dildos) and Christina fucks Keli hard with her rubber cock, bringing her off as she thrusts into her quivering pussy from behind! All the while grabbing her butt cheeks and giving her some more encouraging slaps! Hot stuff indeed!


Naughty Nuns! This is one of many sex and spanking movies that you can download from Ohh Tee Kay and if you want to play this movie directly then click, on the link below and see the join up page, I have included at least a 15 minute free preview,all you have to do is sign up with an email address if you’ve never done this before and choose your 15 minutes to download the section of the movie you want to see!

“2 Naughty Nuns” stars Christina Carter (left) & Keli Anderson (below)


May God have mercy on their fornicating souls 🙂

Other movies starring Keli & Christina are HERE or directly located below and I also recommend these!
Images below lead to their direct info pages if you prefer to view them

Did I enjoy this film? hell yes… it’s a classic and one which makes Ohh Tee Kay stick out for me as one of the most under rated producers out there as a lot of their stuff was filmed around 2005-2007, it’s just a shame they didn’t have the best HD cams like they have nowadays but the quality of these movies are still very viewable otherwise I wouldn’t be raving about it here! See for yourself!




Classic Submissive Kami

October 16, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

I wanted to wait until this series had just finished to show you some amazing images of a long overdue Kami Robertson series at NorthernSpanking and I think the wait is worth it as you’ll see. Their attention to detail is as impeccable as ever, Kami’s clothing seems to compliment the room decor as she is given a punishment for failing in her piano lesson by a wonderfully strict Amy Hunter who you just wouldn’t want to cross… just check out her prim “Ma’am” clothing and those stern spectacles!

Kami doesn’t have the pateince to learn her scales and isn’t upto scratch reading the music given to her, so music teacher Miss Hunter has another method of getting the best out of her bratty pupils… as you will see below (these images are reduced in size, members get to see them at much better clarity, but you’ll get the idea in this gallery below





You can see much more of these classic images and the amazing new updates coming our on a DAILY basis from NorthernSpanking.com