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It’s here! Exclusive Education 6 – inside news and gossip

August 26, 2011 By: Chief Category: Schoolgirl Punishment, Website Reviews No Comments →

Clare Fonda’s much awaited series – Exclusive Education which is always shown at her GirlSpanksGirl.com website is now out and available for download! So what’s it about? This is the 6th year, it’s an annual event that members in August and September have the amazing bonus of seeing a series of films, all classroom and schoolgirl punishment based of some of Clare’s favorite models of the current crop! Remember you’ll also be able to download the previous 5 “EE” series if you’ve not seen them too!

You will see the girls punished in their uniforms in the classroom by Clare and Principal lane Miller as well as a welcome return for Miss Snow mercy punishing the girls in her own unique style! Check out the cast of this year’s awesome event!

Exclusive Education 6 presents some of the best bottoms in the business of spanking modeling submitting to hard corporal punishment. This annual saga of spanked schoolgirls stars a cast of 12 with Veronica Ricci, Ten Amorette, Mary Jane, Sophia Locke, Bliss Evermore, Julie Night, Nena, Lilia Spinoza and introducing Mandee Miller, Lana’s real-life niece. The strict staff of Lana, Snow Mercy and Clare Fonda discipline with hand, hairbrush and… a very large paddle!

A naughty class full of schoolgirls knows what happens when they act up. They are taken over the knee of the teacher and principal and given old fashioned spankings. First the girls get very warm bottoms while they are spanked over their plaid skirts, then- to their embarrassment- the skirts are raised but the girls are too busy wailing and moaning to protest. By the time panties come down and sore bottoms exposed, some girls are sobbing from how much a hard thrashing hurts and how humiliating it is to have you wiggling and jiggling bare bottom spanked panties down- in front of the whole class!

Check out the special galleries that further show you what to expect in the classroom and in private as Clare gets to thrash sassy cheerleader Lilia Spinoza!

Lilia is a very pretty cheerleader who thinks it is okay to come to class late. This particular day her class has been very naughty and Lilia thinks she should not have to be punished just because she is a cheerleader. Unfortunately for her Miss Fonda is particularly hard on cheerleaders and has Lilia pulled over her knee on the desk with her cheer skirt pushed up, panties down and her curvy bottom very red as she counts her spankings one by one. There will be no special treatment for cheerleaders! See this free gallery below for yourself

If you are looking for OTK girl spanking and erotic F/F spanking you have found it with Girl Spanks Girl SEE MORE HERE or read about a way to join all of Clare Fonda’s sites for one low price on the Clare Fonda Pass.

More OTK spanking, erotic spanking, spanked cheerleaders, strict teachers punishing naughty schoolgirls with hard discipline, girls spanking girls only! There really is a lot on offer with the pass as it is updated daily. Over 4,000 video clips and a new video clip every day!


Some favorite spanking oldies

August 23, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments No Comments →

I was searching the internet for an old image I had lost on my laptop and soon came across it again! I absolutely LOVE this drawing (below), you can tell it was lovingly rendered, the artist has an amazing eye for detail… so beautifully old fashioned… just look at the detail! If only I could make a period film with that old jacket myself with a girl across my lap wearing the self same clothes!

I also love those blue argyle socks she is wearing and the way one shoe has fallen off as her legs no doubt have been flailing! Now with some of the same attention to detail, the reason I like some of the retro films so much is that they cared for the storylines and made longer films that seemed more believable. You can see a selection of films, restored in part as many were made in the 80’s and early 90’s pre the digital era so have had to been converted from old video tapes… but they are still worth watching as you’ll see below at these various sites keeping alive the tradition of spankings from yesteryear!




An old classic remastered for online download! This schoolgirl has failed in her grades and she is dreading coming home, it’s a run down place and the only thing worse than spending time here is knowing her dad is going to thrash her for yet more failure! See this grim tale of discipline on a harsh housing estate as a fed up father wanting the best for his daughter gives her a humiliating naked spanking, strapping and caning until she cries with shame!

Hour long movie in full screen Wmv playback available at 1stChoiceSpanking.com


For your enjoyment I have managed to locate these video galleries, I have watched all these films (a couple are sexually themed as well!!!) and these trailers help explain some of the films stored at this great site which will help you build a library of retro spanking erotica you once thought lost! Click each image below which will lead to a special freeview page.



Spanking Classics to view download & keep

August 17, 2011 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Movie Reviews, Pay per Download No Comments →

NaughtyBottom has probably the best value pay per download options that seems so popular nowadays, and I have chosen justa few, some have multiple films and images sets, others cost under $5 and have just the films but they all have one things in common, the films are classics and shot and uploaded in the best possible formats available from the time they were filmed!

The full list of films available are featured inside the banner above

I’ll let you decide for yourselves and there’s a free movie preview of the actual films so you can see the type of movies and film you’d expect… without the hassle of any worry about memberships, or recurring fees and all that nonsense some people are STILL to this day concerned with, even though the majority of websites nowadays are secure and safe and don’t rip you off with difficult to find cancel links and such… Naughty Bottom still provides you with this easy option, you pay once and can’t be rebilled… simples!

Sample films below (some of my current faves including one with me as “the caned master” which I enjoyed starring in immensely!

There is also a new Naughtybottom Clips Store offering another way to view this content and it will be updating on a regular basis as well!