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Archive for July, 2011

Kane Magazine Online

July 30, 2011 By: Chief Category: Magazines, Retro Spanking No Comments →

Ah, I’ve come in a little drunk and foolishly flicked through my extensive collection of Kane Magazine memorabilia… Er Indoors is already tucked up in bed whilst I enjoy a trip down “Memory Lane” … however, if you haven’t got access to the hard copy of the mags like I have when growing up with this kinky addiction of ours… then Kane have come screaming and kicking into the 21st century and now offer you lost souls a chance to view their content and movies that they produced online and as far as British retro spanking goes… this is about the Holy Grail… as it were. Max and Claire from KANE ONLINE have sent out some exclusive images from their fantastic spanking emporium which you can find archived on their new website. KANE is one of THE names of the UK scene still publishing a magazine in print format, I believe. But they now recognize that an online site is needed so are uploading a vast archive of amazing retro stuff and also new content from their back catalogs. there’s so much spanking stuff here that I fear I will go blind if I take a peek too long… so see if you can damage your eyesight at more spanking porn than you can shake a retro stick at HERE




Clover Rock at NorthernSpanking.com

July 25, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking 1 Comment →

A big “Thank you” to the good folk at Northern Spanking for this latest release with the very enigmatic and beautiful spankee, Clover Rock… spanked at sunset and the amazing images below are testamount to the fact these guys care about how they show off their girls and the spanking punishments! This is beautifully lit and shot as the sun sets on another day of spanking… Clover’s reddening bottom has an extra glow as you’ll see.

I also used this as an excuse to dig way back into their archives and bring you the very first time young Clover appeared here too… a fitting double bonus for you good folk who have clicked through to here, I hope you like the images you are about to see!

The latest images of Clover from the most recent update “Shadows of Clover!”





More of Clover’s films & images can be viewed HERE

Below , as I promised, I have a small selection of Clover’s very 1st shoot she did at this fine website. “Blessed be the Archives… for they be truly vast and fully accessible! Amen.”

This was the story behind Clover’s very 1st time with Northern Spanking:

“Clover has been getting just a little too forward in answering her husband back and it is time she was reminded just who is in charge. She is summoned upstairs for a traditional over the knee spanking on high back chair followed by some sharp strokes with the wooden spoon.”




As you can see Clover started out as she has in the latest offering from Northern Spanking – a breathtaking sight to behold and another good reason why you could get lost in the archives of this site just looking at Clover’s many films and image sets. A seriously under rated spanking actress, I hope that these images of Clover have changed your mind!

Check out more of Clover available HERE


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An old favorite film of mine

July 20, 2011 By: Chief Category: Pay per Download, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments 2 Comments →

Recently, I commented about why Elizabeth Simpson hadn’t written on her blog (and if anyone does from now on I can 100% guarantee it is NOT her) so as it’s pointless visiting that now defunct blog (and to be honest, the site it belongs to) I thought I’d come up with a film she made that I liked and give you the reason why. It’s not one you’d expect, I could have chosen any of her classics like “Caned n Buggered” or “Caned Cheeks” or the “Music Lesson” etc… but I’ve done those in the past – and I wanted to show you what I thought was her last convincing schoolgirl movie, dressed in authentic uniform before she decided playing teen schoolgirls in her early 30’s wasn’t the best of ideas…. even if members requested it and so on. (Least she knew when to quit that sort of thing which is brave and commedable!) So at least to keep alive the spirit of Elizabeth Simpson is this film “Head Girl Rules” – I chose it as I don’t want to embarrass myself or you by recommending one of the paysites anymore as it’s basically all just rehashed content and movies from what I can see and I wouldn’t know where to start anymore, but this is a one off film you can download and keep IN HD WMV playback, for just… $5! That’s right, just Five Bucks gets you a Hi Quality film and a good spanking and caning of Elizabeth looking surprisingly good in her uniform! & No rebills and you know what you’re getting!

This classic is called “Head Girl Rules” from NaughtyBottom.com


Elizabeth was desperate to get the position of Head Girl. However the Headmaster had some doubts about her attitude which was one of arrogance. He had also heard rumours that she had been bullying the other girls in her form. The Head seethed in silence as Simpson gave reason after reason why she HAD TO be HEAD GIRL! When she was finished, he calmly explained that he was going to thrash her hard for past mistakes & then HE would decide who would be Head Girl!

If you check out the clip below you will see a sample lower resolution strapping clip of Elizabeth’s wobbling sore buttocks taking a well deserved thrashing!

click here for more films

Remember that the beauty of this site is you can pick and choose a particular movie and download it, keep it and not ever worry about being rebilled etc as it’s a PPV (pay per view or download). High Quality film lovers will be glad to know that there is also a HD option which comes as standard with Elizabeth’s film that I had chosen here!



Retro Spanking Fest!

July 15, 2011 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment 1 Comment →

Fancy something from the 1980’s and 1990’s? They certainly don’t make em like this or take pics like what you’re about to see anymore, which is a pity as I think in the former days before everything was throwaway and digital… they had to take more care with photography and therefore many of the images you are about to see were thought out, and the school movie and location quite genuine… this is courtesy of Kane Magazine and inside their own site you can find images and movies taken from the good old days like what you’re about to see now!

Mandy Bates was a real fave of mine way back when I used to own magazines like this and of course they also had VHS tapes back then of the film from which they took images and stills of that you are about to see: The following are images from the magazine of the film which you can view inside at KANE in a sort of remastered format which is quite acceptable for a full screen playback… watching Mandy playing with herself over a hidden “Kane” magazine then being caught and punished by her teachers is something very erotic and unmissable… they just did the whole naughty schoolgirl thing so much better, I think, in those days… maybe it’s the uniform, maybe even the acting, but Mandy was a stunner and so natural – if you want to check out a few retro sites this weekend, then you could no worse than the following I will show you! Enjoy some scans which give you an idea of what happens in the film!






For MORE Kane Style magazine reviews and unique photography – CLICK HERE

For similar films like the above – you can also check out one off download specialists CalStar Films from the Spanking Theater – there is a massive archive of English style punishments similar and schoolgirl/domestic based from the 80s and 90’s that have been remastered like the above! Enjoy! View these movies from just 8 cents a minute or view it in full for one low fee and choose which parts you want to download 🙂