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Archive for June, 2011

College Classics

June 28, 2011 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment 1 Comment →

Take a trip back in time at ClassicSpanking.com and they’ll take you to the 1980s and 1990’s when girls would still get a darned good thrashing in the schools before the ridiculously abused “European Rights Act” and the mad bad over zealous “Health & Safety” protocols implemented stopped teachers from dishing out proper old fashioned corporal punishments to brats and badly behaved girls! This little collection below are the 1st 4 of long play films that contain some amazing scenes of caning, humiliation and all manner of authentic discipline and punishments from the College Classics!

The films below are followed by an image showing you what is available in the entire film!




If you want to check out some more schoolgirl punishments there is an extensive collection of films available at Classicspanking.com – all films lovingly restored and playable in full 720×576 pixels screen resolution and in Wmv too!


AAA Spanking Store Announcement

June 27, 2011 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Pay per Download No Comments →

This is a special news update across some of the blogs I write for. I have finally got my finger out, taken note of the requests in my mail box and managed to get some clips re-edited to accommodate the woefully inadequate size/quality clips that we’d normally use and so decided on editing the reduced size formats in MP4 and still at a widescreen resolution of 960×540 (the same as our Wmv clips for members) making it one of the largest formats and clearest formats that I have seen on any of the Clips4Sale stores! We are quite excited about this, we did try to use Wmv but it just wouldn’t compress as well and became too blurry or fuzzy… so without giving away any more of our secrets, why not check out the quality of a clip that we are obliged to reduce to a size of no more than 10Mb per minute. If all this is boring you, the clip below is EXCLUSIVE and not available to members so this is a kind of incentive to check our Clips Store HERE as we plan to upload a ton of clips over the next few weeks including some exclusive goodies and action clips goodies that should make the store far more appealing to those that only like to download the odd movie!

I also got you a couple of action images from the movie just so you can see more of Jasmine!

Do I need to give an excuse to slipper Jasmine? Of course not! Just enjoy the clip and images 🙂

For the Clips Store, if you haven’t already checked it out, click HERE or the banner below and bookmark it as we will be updating this on a regular basis, I’ll remind you anyway 🙂

Thanks for taking time to read this, and if you’ve only seen this post today
Please do check out my Monday update at the SpankingBlogg HERE


SOL Archives & my own old archived blog posts!

June 15, 2011 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Severe Punishments, Website Reviews 1 Comment →

I was just going through some of my archived content on my main blog and came across these beauties, it’s from a site I admit I don’t really promote much nowadays since the change of ownership and their update policy (we’ll see if things change then I’ll show you what’s up) but this was the reason why I used to promote their stuff in the golden days of SpankingOnline – if you’ve never seen this stuff before you are in for a treat… I copied this from my other blog as I was updating the old links, the post is from about 4 years ago and was an archive feature even then so I feel this is suitably equiped to have that “Retro” feel about it! Enjoy what the producers at this site were best at…. schoolgirl humiliation, naughty punishments and classic female degredation that made them so popular around 2004 and 2005!

Be aware that the following contains scenes and clips of girls peeing themselves whilst being spanked!


More content HERE

Surely the MOST humiliating thing a young woman could endure whilst being spanked and slippered? Delving through SpankingOnline’s VAST Archives once again, ably assisted by a friendly reminder from one of my esteemed readership (you know who you are!) I managed to not only contact the SOL webmaster about this classic, but request that this one day be turned into a wmv flick!
SpankingOnline’s archives are a wondrous treasure trove of hard, no nonsense female punishments mixed with mucky themes such as this one!

Take a look at the pics below and then the 60 second clip which shows the FULL extent of Kara Jane’s shame and the outright ANGER from aunty slippering her!

In this story, Kara had done exactly the self same thing earlier and had to mop up the mess that time. Here in a 1 2 1 with Aunty, Kara shamed herself again and has to mop up the pee on the floor into the bucket provided. All this whilst her legs are still dripping and naked waist down! A Classic little gem of a film now only found at SPANKINGONLINE in FULL

More Content HERE

View this short clip below – it’s in REAL PLAYER version

click to play here


click here for more

I delved back in time to beyond 2002 for some old gems here from SpankingOnline.
I have included some old Real Media clips, the quality isn’t as good as we’re used to nowadays, but they are still very much playable and STILL classics! Only from sustained interest will the SOL webmaster take a look at some old beauties like these and locate the files to possibly remaster. We can but hope. If you mail me or leave a comment I can send these to the webmaster as proof there is interest! So I will leave that to you good folks!

Ye Olde SpankingOnline

First up, a few photos from the extensive archives, as always, the girls are lovely!!!!
Click on the thumbnails to get the larger images.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

click for more HERE

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

An interesting theme I found whilst perusing the older clips was the need and fear of going to the toilet before during and after punishment. In some cases, the girls would ask to go to the toilet, or in the first clip below, try to cover up their masturbation habits as Uncle had the knowledge of examining urine to determine if nocturnal wandering fingers warranted further severe punishments. These girls are caught mixing the chamber pots in an effort to confuse him! However it only brings trouble on their foolish behinds!
Take a look below at the clip

click here to play the free clip

The second clip is where the spankee “asks” to go and relieve herself before resuming her punishment. One can only imagine the fear as her already welted buttocks rest on the seat whilst she pees, knowing she can only gain some limited respite before bending over for what will probably be a more severe caning as a result of this interruption.


click here for more

Some more pics below of some great models, I have no idea where these girls are now, I’m just glad we got them whilst they were fresh and innocent!  😉

click here to enlarge click here to enlarge click here to enlarge

What I also found was part of an interesting clip into the insight of a model being caned. It’s a great little clip and you can pick up on the humour and growing frustration of the Dom as the submissive model loses some inhibitions. That is until he takes control again and she is left in no uncertain terms who is boss and why she is bent over, with her bare bottom poking up in th eair for us all to see!

Click HERE for the Final FREE Movie Clip

click here for more FREE content

I hope that I have shown you some of the variety that cruising around the cobwebs of the SOL Archives can bring! If you’ve never signed up to this site then you can’t go wrong as the archives are so huge they’ll keep you occupied for months, but you can always purchase a cheap 3 month non recurring membership or just the one month to check it out… despite what I said at the top of this revamped post…. this site is still worth every penny especially for newbies who will think they have died and gone to Spanko Heaven… but I recently checked inside their member area and see that there are regular updates being shown since the takeover, they just haven’t updated the front pages much, so I may let you know soon at my other blogs what is available to view once more!



Old Spanking Posters & such

June 06, 2011 By: Chief Category: Movie Reviews, Pay per Download, Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment No Comments →

These helped advertise some great movies and previews of some long forgotten films, I hope you like them and they do lead to some great free gallery content and clips so worth taking a peek at least!

From my own pay per download and keep site – NaughtyBottom.com – this was one of the first movies I had uploaded personally (I only chose the films I personally liked and knew would be great to download for those that wanted the odd outstanding movie) way back and you’ll see why as it contains both Cathy and Jasmine as choirgirls being punished in their crimson gowns by the nasty catholic priest Father O’Leary! If you’ve never seen this film, you can download it as a one off and it’s worth every penny as there are loads of extras you get with this one too!!!

You can view MORE of this movie at the actual preview page HERE

FULL list of all current movies HERE at NaughtyBottom.com


I was checking some old stuff of Brandi and as well as having her own site at Spanking Teen Brandi she of course worked at the other sites within the Real Spankings Network run by Mr M and I came across this glorious film where Brandi looked absolutely stunning in her school uniform – praise be to my archived content for ye to enjoy!


It’s one of my favorite sites as it features, hmmm, schoolgirls getting their just desserts and of course I just love seeing the girls in their tight fitting uniforms and short skirts, well, I had a delve back into my archive and found this great set from a hard paddling movie of Brandi (below): What did it for me was her tight fitting white panties, just check out the punishment and the free images complimenting this movie and I think you’ll understand!

Brandi is punished because of the disgusting state of her dorm room! The paddling she got really marked her perky teen behind as you’ll see when you check out the free images below:

Check out their special offers & very reasonable pricing for one of the best schoolgirl spanking sites!



Staying over on the other side of the Atlantic in deepest Pennsylvania/New Jersey, check out one of these early movies from Punishedbrats.com that had the beautiful Charlie Skye given a good hard thrashing by mom Veronica! Life wasn’t getting any better for arrogant young madams like Charlie, who thought she could just say “sorry” when caught using Mom’s credit card to go shopping for clothes… oops!

The folks at Punished Brats had found another cutie in the form of Charlie! Now normally, I’d have to admit that I’m not keen on girls with excessive tattoos or body piercings… personally I’d thrash the living daylights out of them and rip off their adornments for defiling themselves, however, Charlie is adorable, even with her markings! Maybe it’s her angelic face, or perhaps her very lovely fit toned body that is arousing this old fella… but she’s got something about her and this punishment  (as you’ll see from the pics and clip below) I found very satisfying!

Isn’t that last pic of her just adorable? This is what makes her so alluring and Veronica, as ever, is perfect in precisely punishing her so she is close to tears!! Imagine the humiliation of Charlie as she is told to take all her clothes off for the credit card abuse before submitting to her spanking and then left wearing nothing but a bright red bottom after her paddling!


Liked the Low Res Sample? You’ll love the whole film!


Get access to Punishedbrats for LESS as they celebrate their 5th year with their 1st ever Special Offer!