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Archive for May, 2011

Janus Magazine & other retro goodies

May 05, 2011 By: Chief Category: Magazines, Retro Spanking No Comments →

Before the internet and all that easy access we are used to nowadays, all we spankos had back then were some entrepreneurs who wrote up magazines and stories and fed our secret kink via various mail order establishments and corner sex shops… of course it is so different nowadays, but as I aim to celebrate a blast from the past every once in a while enjoy these images from Janus magazine taken from 1980. Click on images for larger ones, I love the storylines and the stories… hope you do too! I’ll then let you know who still offers things like this in the spirit of those long lost years with movie updates we’d all expect.

I loved the old vicar in this – “Good heavens!” Now below are some sample images typical of the magazine and these often accompanied stories too which I’d often fantasize about… Of course, over 30 years ago, women were real women and had all their hair below shown for the cameras, which is something I miss nowadays with girls shaving everything in sight… so it makes these images look even older than the 30 years that they are!

There were also the excellent short stories, of which you’d normally get around 3 or 4 with every publication, the one below would be a typical story with some illustration to help those of us along ti imagine this all the more! I hope this brings back some happy memories for some, again, just click on the images to reveal the larger pages so you can read them 🙂


If you liked this trip down Memory Lane then check out THIS SITE which combines the retro feel of the past from their old magazines with movie updates and exclusive newer productions to download and keep as well as news contacts and parties in the classifieds.


A Classic Release from NorthernSpanking.com

May 03, 2011 By: Chief Category: Film Review, Retro Spanking, Website Reviews No Comments →

Every now and then, the good folk at NorthernSpanking.com feel like making a proper long play film that is carefully edited and packaged as a DVD or made available as a special epic… well, they have just released a new film for members of their site and it is called “Wheatley Manor”

I have been fortunate to see some early previews and can confirm it stars Leia-Ann Woods, Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford as the trio of girls who are going to be disciplined during their stay at “The Manor” – and this will be by Ms Amy Hunter and the fearsome Professor Stephen Lewis!

Take in some arty pics of the girls and Ms Hunter (below) and I have got you a special early spanking preview clip of Amelia getting the 1st punishment when she plays up and tries to rebel (foolishly!)

Below is what the co-directors had to say about their latest film.

Our EPIC feature film finally makes its online debut, and we are delighted to be able to present this gorgeous film, and stunning star cast for our online members. A very special project, and one we are still incredibly proud of. Enjoy. The entire box set of this film is still available to buy from Kane Magazine in the UK.
Ever since they left university, Niki, Amelia and Leia-Ann, have met once a year to renew their friendship in an indulgent activity. Taking it in turns to choose, Amelia took them paintballing and, last year, Niki arranged a murder mystery weekend. Thinking they are in for a dull spa weekend, Amelia and Niki are in for a shock when they arrive at Leia Ann’s choice, Wheatley Manor….
The skimpy uniform and the rules leave little to the imagination, but the infringement of those rules carries exceptionally painful consequences, as the girls first meet Ms Hunter, followed by the quite fearsome Professor Lewis. One lady’s rebellion is harshly put down even before the first session of the course. Shocked at their treatment, a further shock is to come – Leia Ann has been here before! The young women continue to experience harsh punishment and cruel humiliation at a very untypical English country house retreat. At some point, even the most wilful and rebellious of them must break, but how long will it take? And what extremes of discipline will all three suffer in the process?

Check out the free punishment clip of Amelia at the hands of Ms Hunter…

The FULL length film can be downloaded HERE