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Retro spanking pics

April 28, 2011 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking No Comments →

On a trawl on t’interwebs… I came across these l’il beauties, I have no idea where they were sourced from, some look like they could have come out of old Kane or Janus publications from the past, anyways… enjoy! I did finding them!



April 27, 2011 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews No Comments →

As Royal wedding Fever hits us in England (well, ‘er Indoors is excited along with most of America, it seems) I decided to celebrate this rare happy occasion with a very special tempting Trial offer at AAAspanking.com – it’s a 2 week deal and gives you a fair crack at what is available! I was adamant I wasn’t going to do something like this but as it’s a holiday celebratory period and I’m in a good mood, I decided to share my joy and happiness… so if you dithered and wondered what it’s like then maybe take a look and see for yourselves…. remember we update many times a week and for the films you get and the low recurring monthly memberships, we think this represents fantastic value! I won’t have this Trial Deal around for long so take advantage of my generosity while you can, I don’t intend to be doing this on a regular basis!!! (Unless there’s another royal wedding looming!)

The crowds depart and rush home to sign up to my naughty offer!

The Chief has hired these Heralds to announce the Offer in dramatic fashion! *parp!*

So here we go… with less than a few days to “that Wedding” I herald in the special offer and a cracking new movie with an amazing HD-MP4 clip preview to show you the quality of the playback you can expect inside… there is also the WNV version whish is also in HD quality so you can’t lose! Check out the Offer and the new film just released…

If you want to see this movie of Leia & Irelynn looking amazingly HOT in genuine authentic Girl Guide uniforms (that I painstakingly purchased on Ebay) – have a look! You might remember that there is a complimentary image set featured a while ago, well, this is an actual movie and both girls get strapped and given the hairbrush in various states of undress and duress in those uniforms… the full explanation of this film is at the website along with the free clips you can view! If seeing these girls in those naughty uniforms doesn’t tempt you… perhaps a few video images below will help? (these are reduced size as the originals are 1280×720 screen resolution)

Check out this special offer & take advantage of the low pricing! Don’t thank me… thank William & Kate 🙂


Paddle Perfect – A film review

April 19, 2011 By: Chief Category: Film Review, Website Reviews No Comments →

I was stumbling across the interwebs, as you do from time to time, looking at various images and came across this one and realized that this was a hot Russian porn star that spoke a little english but was so incredibly cute I could only dream that she’d agree to get spanked, and when I checked out the image url it led to a movie available to download from the Red Buns Studio at the Spanking Theater. Without hesitation, whether the film was going to be poor or not, I *HAD* to see this stunning girl bared, spanked… and as the title suggested… paddled!

An as yet un named actress that poor ol’ Chief has the HOTS for!

I shall try to give you an honest review as poss – even though seeing this girl made my heart flip as I have many of her VERY naughty films stashed away at a top secret viewing facility that only James Bond could discover, for my monthly… ahem … viewing delights. (oops, digressing, but I’m allowed to today as this is a film review!)

“Get on with it, FFS, Chief” I hear you complain… OK…so here goes…”
*deep breath*

Paddle Perfect begins with my lust object (click on images to see more of her) – she’s making a half cocked attempt to paint her toenails over a cheap prop in this stale studio set. Her “partner” arrives and fails to get her to move from the dodgy table and once frustrated decides to teach her a proper lesson (yes please!) Now I know she is Russian so was thankful, I guess, that there wasn’t really any meaningful dialog but it’s pretty obvious what is being intimated to us about what is going on and what and why something is about to happen, so that was cool! A bare bottom spanking for my young beauty in her tight black outfit!

Told to fetch a rather nasty looking paddle, “my girl” frantically scrubs the table to try and avoid further punishment but of course that’s not going to happen and after a few playful whacks on her cheeks with both his hand and the paddle she frantically scrubs harder until I guess his patience finally wears with her and the spanking begins (Finally!!!). As you’ll see, she is stunning, fresh faced, tight body and an arse aching and dying for it to be spanked hard! She is bent over a chair and pityingly tries to shield her bottom from the coming strokes.  he pins her hands to stop this and delivers a hand spanking over her skirt standing up to give himself a better purchase of that derriere. I promise you will NOT be disappointed withthe sight of this girls’s amazing arse! When her skirt is hoisted up!  I love to see scenes of girls struggling and putting up a fight and this movie she bravely tried to fend him off until he subdues her in the OTK spanking position, removing her blue knickers and gives it to her as any of us red blooded males would – with gusto! I of course would need iron cast undergarments to continue…

She is delightfully stubborn, and does some humiliating walltime, she insists on pulling down her skirt but this of course angers her man more and she is made to remove all her clothes after several attempts by her to resist! (swoon). There is more spanking with a belt being used to bind her troublesome hands and then the moment I loved – seeing this stunner in a sort of “Diaper Position” with her hands restrained between her sweet long sleek legs.  With full unhindered access to her amazing rump she is spanked harder and harder with some tears flowing, much complaining and crying that at last sees his point getting through to this beautiful rebellious thing!  Finally after a good hard 15-20 minute spanking he sends her to clean that table once more with her bottom glowing whilst she snivels and looks complately subdued at last!

As in any review, you ask that question… “Did I enjoy it?” Well, from my gushing prose here, I will say yes, becasue mainly as I said, it starred this beautiful vixen, as she really is stunning! The spanking she got wasn’t patty cake, far from it, but neither was it vicious or really nasty though she did cry… I don’t think this is the sort of film we’ll be seeing much of her in, unfortunately, which is why I signed up and paid to downlaod then review this for you as I really did like the film!

Here’s a spanking film that required little dialog and yet we understood everything! I quite liked that aspect too! The guy was a bit weak, unable to properly get this wrigglesome beautiful brat in place and took an age, but handling such petulant beauty has a price! I also happen to know that this girl looks exactly like one of my neighbours’ daughters (she’s a twentysomething – still living part time at home… but boy, is she cute!) personally this film did it for me and I can see no reason why it wouldn’t for anyone else! This is a big thumbs up from the chief and if you want to see more of it – you can download it HERE

This movie is taken from the Red Buns Studio


Spankings from a byegone era!

April 17, 2011 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Schoolgirl Punishment, Website Reviews No Comments →

Hello everyone, trust you are all having a fine weekend. This is a brief helping handful of yet more classics for yoru perusal with a video treat courtesy of Spanking College which shows some excellent schoolgirl punishment films from the 1990’s and early 2000’s – I hope some of these jog your memories, the first , for example is the excellent “Class of 1994” where these girls are given no leeway for insolence by Headmaster… (he really is livid!!!) as it should be! Enjoy… I’m off out in the garden for some mid afternoon Pimms and a big fat cigar 🙂

All movies courtesy of Spanking College – All movies are now fully restored and all play in Wmv at the clearest resolution possible after all being remastered to the best of the editor’s ability from the archives and footage taken from a pre digital era! These films are no longer the fuzzy VHS quality we had to endure in the past, you can check out more samples and download actual clip previews in WMV from the home pages HERE