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Archive for December, 2010

Schoolgirl Tears & Panties Spankings

December 15, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews, Website Reviews No Comments →

Real tears and the sight of a teen schoolgirl removing her white crisp panties for her punishment? Has Santa answered my letter already? I know I’ve been (kind of) good – so if you take a look at the following free stuff I’ve collected from some of the films I’ve been watching again, I’m sure you’ll appreciate these. Seriously, there’s nothing like seeing agirl spanked to tears and struggling to not cry as her bottom turns a dark Xmas red! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Click on any image below that will lead to a special free gallery and in some cases some amazing free movies as well!

Ellie Maye is ordered to remove her white panties for her OTK spanking!

Ivy’s white regulation panties are pulled down for a tearful hairbrush spanking!

Rosaleen Young cries as she is given a humiliating caning, white knickers pulled down

Finally I have grabbed some images from the below recent movie update with a new tearful resident schoolgirl at the infamous Girls Boarding School – Poor Vanessa, she blubs uncontrollably and is typical of the severe punishments given to naughty girls at this site!




Check out the latest free exclusive updates with all the latest tearful severely punished schoolgirls that are reminded in no unceratin terms just who is in charge at home or in the classroom!



If you want more tearful girls, check out all the latest schoolgirl and real tears spankings in the specific sections with a massive archive of top rated spanking footage from some of the best spanking sites from around the world at one place that are added at the new Teen Spanking Tube


Bathroom & Shower Spankings

December 14, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline No Comments →

I love these type of scenes, and I love them more when 2 naked wet girls are grappling and spanking each other in a warm steamy bathroom – it’s highly erotic and of course the glistening wet flesh of the girls get a good hard soaking wet slapping… and of course, the dreaded bathbrush is never too far away if needed! Well, one such site has embraced this and what’s more it stars 2 gorgeous girls Sarah Gregory and  Kat St James, these 2 lovelies compliment each other perfectly… Sarah’s big heaving bosoms and Kat’s petite frame make this a proper visual feast for us connoisseurs of all things spanking and girl fun!

To remind you of their previous encounter in the shower, check out this clip and some images where sarah gives Kat a good hard spanking in the tub, then with the brush and finally Kat’s slippery body is placed over Sarah’s lap for a beautiful girl/girl spanking!

Click image below to play the Free Shower scene clip

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Well, the reason I’m showing yout he above punishment, which members of SpankingSarahGregory have watched and rated very highly, well, these girls are BACK in the bathroom and this time they get a little playful in the bubbles in the tub only this time Kat gets her revenge and manages to spank Sarah as her heavenly heaving bosoms sawy as her soaped slippery bottom is given a proper reddening! But in this fun filled spanking, Sarah also shows us why kat is so popular and once again has her wicked way over her knee! Spanktastic!  This is a real treat for lovers of these girls and F/F punishments in particular!





Sarah Gregory and Kat St James are really good friends. They both love to get spanked. So, they decided to film a fun and sensual spanking video in a warm bubble bath. This video is more realistic in that they are just casually talking and spanking each other and having fun, much like they would do off camera. & for what it’s worth, I hope that when sarah invited kat back again, they spend some MORE time in the bathroom, I can tell you if they do, you will be the FIRST to know here!

See more of the latest movie action exclusive to SpankingSarahGregory.com


Drunk Kelly thrashed hard

December 07, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, General, Website Reviews No Comments →

Beautiful blonde schoolgirl Kelly has been a revelation at SoundPunishment and this latest punishment sees her not in uniform this time, but in a raunchy outfit as she dared to sneak out and try to come back un noticed at 6am – but young drunken girls think they know it all and they make noises trying to “tip toe” in – we’ve all been there… and Kelly discovers she’s in for a proper thrashing for this latest outrage! There are 2 options to view this special free clip:


Or click on the image below and download/view the WMV high resolution clip

“What do you get out of this? You wierdo!” sobs Kelly…

Kelly would try the patience of a saint. But as he is no saint she finds that she is tried, sentenced and condemned to a bare bottom OTK spanking and then a sustained dose of his heavy leather paddle. She is soon sobbing and red raw and wishing she had obeyed the house rules. Check out some sexy screen grabs of Kelly and her long lithe legs and bare bottom spanked before her harder paddling punishment!




Seriously, doesn’t Kelly look fantastic? & the way she answers back to Him as he’s spanking her… accusing him of getting off on punishing her, I’m hardly surprised, I know I would be!!! You can see tons MORE movies and free previews like the above of Kelly and lots of other naughty girls EXCLUSIVE only to SoundPunishment.com


Classic Amelia Jane Rutherford

December 01, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

I don’t often promote Amelia here, I feel many other people do that as she is possibly one of the best known actresses around! However, it doesn’t mean to say that I don’t appreciate her (good God, no – she is amazing!) and I never know whether the folks at Firm Hand Spanking who bought in all this content knew exactly what they had done at the time with Amelia and other infamous models like Sam Woodley…but they’ve reaped the benefits of a loyal following, I guess! Hard not to understand why, eh?

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Members can see what follows after this humiliation!

Well, here is a little tribute from my collection of Amelia, she is playing a hungover Diva, her manager, Mr Cameron, is totally fed up with this spoilt brat and decides to teach her a lesson across her fabulous bare bottom! Images and a special free clip are below! This movie was taken from 2008, and is one of a whole massive series of films starring this British brat! Of course there have been MANY films of Amelia shown since, but I thought you’d like to see this again from my own private stash! 😀

am1 am2 am3

am4 am5 am6

am7 am8 am9

Now this is just one great movie, the quality is good, even from a few years back with clear full screen playback, as you saw from the clip and AJR just makes you “want” to see her get punished, she sort of reminds me of Rosaleen Young in this respect, forcing the spanker to take further measures because they dare to answer back!

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