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Archive for November, 2010

Lorraine being set Limits!!!

November 26, 2010 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Domestic Discipline No Comments →

Lorraine is one of my favorite girls and she is still wholly excluisve to PunishedBrats.com – in her very latest film which is now out IN FULL to download, this pouty brat  takes a good hard spanking over aunt Veronica’s lap! Imagine this little beauty bratting and squirming as you spank her… what a pleasant thought that is for this weekend!!!



Lorraine has moved in with her strict Aunt Veronica and is learning all of the house rules the hard way! This is going to be just the start to Lorraine’s painful adjustment to living with her Aunt as you can see from these delicious images of L’il Miss Pouty’s ever reddening sore red bottom!



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The Film Shoot Test

November 22, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

Late models or “no shows” : Film producers don’t want to hear their pathetic excuses! You’d be surprised how many time “granny” has fallen ill again or little Jimmy has played up at school (if the young girl, usually a single mother hadn’t learnt to say no to the village stud and now has a child with acute ADT) aaahhhh, the excuses are laughably similar, even those for the less serious ones where the girls do bother to turn up late (you’d think some of these girls would have more respect for the money they are about to earn). Anyway, here is a real life account of what happened to Summer, and if she ever dares work for this producer again, she’ll make sure she bothers to treat those who pay her a great deal of money a little more respect in future! As it turned out, her added shameful humiliating punishment in front of everyone for her spanking audition was the perfect punishment for this lazy lass!

This new full remastered movie is now out at FETISHFLIXX – click image below to access the Free Movie Clip and I have added some screen images from this film for your vieiwng pleasure so you can see what happens in the full length movie (I have just seen it and it’s worth checking out and compliments 100s of films at one of my favorite spanking sites!)





As you’ll have seen fronthe images above Summer’s very public spanking and strapping produces a very sore red bottom! It’s a great film that shows the effects of a short sharp shock that so many of our feckless teenagers, who think life owes them a living, given a reminder that they should respect their elders, betters and those that pay them a crust!





Explicit Grown-up Spanked Schoolies!

November 14, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews, Website Reviews No Comments →

It’s a fairly common fantasy of most spanko males that enjoy seeing their ladies dress up in school uniform and although they then might look all innocent as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths or on their unpunished bottoms… in reality, we all hope these girls then act like wanton whores still in their unfiroms so we have an excuse to “punish” them and have our wicked way whilst in the uniform.. well it is for me at least! At Spanking-University.com that is precisely what these ladies get up to… imgine having your girlfriend dressed up then played upon sexually whilst spanking her… imagine no more…check out dusky Lorrainr and from my SU archives another cutie to give you an idea of what these pretty but very slutty girls are capable of receiving!

Lorraine’s ass and slippery pussy is given a good feel!





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More Spanking Punishments

November 03, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Movie Reviews 2 Comments →

Lots of galleries and clips for you today! This amusing poster was out earlier today and I have investigated what I have on my hard drive and located a few choice images and a BONUS free clip for you for taking time to check out my blog! It’s a great schoolgirl punishment review and involves severe use of the cane!

This schoolgirl caning update is taken from SpankingMags.com