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Archive for October, 2010

Very Sexy Punished Brats!

October 22, 2010 By: Chief Category: Clips4Sale, Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

Check out this stunning series of images taken from one of my favorite Girl/Girl punishments starring the fearsome Veroncia Bound and pert Angelina who really brats to the Max with one of the most spankable arses around! Take a look at her punishment pics below and you’ll see what I mean! I watched this film again this morning which is simply .. ahem, amazing!




See the full movie of Angelina HERE

It would be churlish of me not to let you see the very latest movie images that are out and this stars one of what I reckon is PunishedBrats best finds this last year, the amazing wrigglesome “Mischa” who looks absolutely adorable as a gossipy overly made up tarty secretary!

Veronica has had it with the trouble her secretary, Mischa, has been creating with her terrible gossip habit. She is now going to see to it that it stops immediately, but this girl needs some real taming and she brats, shouts and pouts like no other girl when she is getting the hiding of her life by Veronica!




Seriously, Mischa is an amazing girl to watch getting punished, and I also hear that the other cracker that PunishedBrats have at the moment, Lorraine, is to shoot again with the crew… that, I can’t wait to see!!!

Lorraine in familiar pose!

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Barmaid given a severe spanking!

October 17, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Retro Spanking, Website Reviews No Comments →

“Cheating & stealing barmaids are the scum of the earth”, quotes Mr Haxonby, bar owner and occassional lap dance officionado and club promoter to the industry magazine “Club Owners Monthly”… he is all too aware of the type of girls that try to cheat their way  through life and won’t tolerate his good name or his businesses getting ripped off by uppity sluts who think they know better!

Isis – the barmaid who is in a whole lot of trouble!

Ok, rant over, you gotta feel for the bar owner who confronts Isis, fluttering her eyelids in a fruitless attempt to deflect 2 outcomes… get fired and have a bad name in the industry – or learn to keep her thieving fingers to herself and take his own brand of unique discipline.

You see, Mr Haxonby is a confirmed spanko and thsi delightful creature is gonna get it good across her delicous pert buttocks! How the hell he didn’t rise tot eh occassion with her over his lap is a mystery, a true consumate professional! Check out the images from this remastered movie which is now available for download to Spankingmags members! The home of some of the best spanking movies from the UK!

Click images below for the large screen grabs from this film







Angelina’s 1st Red Slipper Punishment

October 16, 2010 By: Chief Category: Retro Spanking, Website Reviews No Comments →

Ah, this very cute exchange student teenager from South America, she always got into trouble so easily with the british way of life, didn’t she? & the way she cried when she got her bare bottom spankings and more always got me wanting to see oh so much more of her, a strangely addictive girl to watch… and this film is no different, never shown before until now, her very first slippering with that evil red slipper of Miss Jean Bradley!

You’ll see Angelina given a spanking after her insolence and laziness earns her that, followed by a slippering which you can tell Angelina really didn’t like at all!!! This movie is EXCLUSIVE to TheBareBottom.com and out now to download – check out the FREE Slippering scene that is currently available to download HERE – don’t miss it!!! I have also got some early show screen grabs so you can see what went in throughout the film!





You’d have thought Angelina would have learnt NEVER to cross Miss Bradley by now, eh? Luckily for us, she hasn’t so we get to see another cracking hard slipper and real tears punishment film!

All content from TheBareBottom is totally excluisve & not shown anywhere else!


Latest PPV Movie Reviews

October 06, 2010 By: Chief Category: Domestic Discipline, Website Reviews No Comments →

There’s a couple of new films released this week (and more to come) but let’s focus on the very latest film which is a bit of a classic with 2 girls fully humiliated by their boss, the Cane Master, who feels he has no alternative but to thrash his useless feckless tarts that he has employed with the instruments that they make!

(below) Just some of the implements & canes not yet shipped out!

This little lot has been picked up by the owner in the basement when the girls should have packaged them ready for shipping – of course, he realises that it’s Friday afternoon and these 2 sluts are trying to clock off early so they can go out and party… however, he has plans for both Bridie, his senior girl and new employee Sara – so catches them before they disappear, and the dress of Bridie is leaving NOTHING to the imagination that the sozzled drinkers of Yorkshire would no doubt be subjected to later on for young men to grope and leer at… but now, it’s time to find out what the hell is going on with these orders and a swift bare bottom spanking should loosen their tongues!


First Bridie’s big bouncing bottom is spanked, leaving little to the imagination, she is verbally humiliated and further embarrassment follows when she gets up her ill fitting dress can not contain her heaving bosoms and her left breast plops out, she is told to leave it there, adding to her furhter shame as she is made to watch Sara get the same treament, knickers down!


Sara is spanked over her jeans and she thinks she has got away with it being a new girl until He orders her to remove her jeans and knickers so he can properly spank her! There is also an ulterior motive for spanking Sara as it will become all too clear in a few moments…


The problem is that money has been going missing from the staffroom, and coincidentally since Sara had started! In fact, the Cane Master was about to fire Sara as he was convinced she was stealing anyway but now senses an opportunity to really thrash this thief senseless. It’s to her only credit that she finally admits to stealing, which is quite despicable, as he had plans to use the Colonel’s dreaded Dragon Cane across her bared buttocks otherwise – but instead decides to strap and cane the girl severely in front of Bridie as a lesson not to piss him about in future! I think these girls definitely get the message, as you’ll see from the images taken from the film below!



You can see a free clip and further previews from the home page of this movie HERE – or click image below to access the free scenes! This movie is out now with the full image set for a low one off pay per download fee (you get to keep the wmv movie and play it back to your heart’s content!)


the 2nd movie out now to download is a schoolgirl classic starring 2 very popular girls, Jasmine & Catherine, spanked and given the dreaded hairbrush during their breakfast BEFORE they were due to catch the school bus! Imagine the shame of feeling their bottoms stinging before the school day had even started!

Check out the images below which come from this movie – this is available to download in full, as are any of the 60 odd movie packages which makes this one of the most popular PPV spanking sites around, all films are very high quality and all have no DRM restrictions and are in WMV format for you to play back on your own PC as often as you want once saved. Just pick and choose which films you’d like to see at very affordable prices – no rebills, naturally, download and keep, it’s that easy.





See the FREE Clip of this movie HERE

For the full list of all the latest specialist films (almost all come with a free preview clip) just CLICK HERE or check out the home page of the site at the banner below